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Claimed:Lloyd Light Rookie Profile [Final 8/8]


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Rookie Spotlight: Lloyd Light
Born in Manitoba, Canada, Lloyd Light is a defenseman in the Victory Hockey League. Drafted 7th overall to the Bears in Season 40, Light was traded to the Vasteras Iron Eagles, who are set to relocate and become the Stockholm Vikings for Season 41. Coming in at a height of 6'1" and 195 pounds, he will be relatively small among VHL defensemen. He will be 24 years old when he makes his debut for the Vikings this season.
Scoring: Lloyd Light has always been a threat to score at ever level of hockey. With a quick, strong shot from the point in his arsenal, goalies have to be wary whenever he is on the ice. He can score from pretty much anywhere in the offensive zone, but entering the VHL, he will need to know what is not capable of doing. Playing against weaker competition all his life has given him the impression that he is unstoppable, but the goalies he will be facing will be like he's never seen before. Considering how natural scoring comes to him, he should be able to develop nicely.

Offensive Vision: On offense, Lloyd Light is adept at reading the defense and making plays picking on the weakness in their setup. He knows when to dish the puck to someone else or take the shot himself. Proficient at finding and creating scoring opportunities for his team, Light can help the Vikings make the most of the possessions that they get. This will be an invaluable part of his game for the team moving forward.

Leadership: Lloyd Light is not one to shy away from a leadership role within his team, and although he may not be the best player everywhere he goes, he is always respected. Whether he's giving a cliche motivational speech or just playing his heart out, he brings out the best in his teammates. He never makes excuses, he owns up to his mistakes, and he identifies flaws in his game and works to improve them every day. He is vocal off the ice and leads by example in practice and in games, and he has been a favorite of teammates everywhere he goes.





Defense: For a defenseman, Lloyd Light struggles on the defensive end at times. He does not have the same mind for the game on defense as he does on offense, so he will often make incorrect reads on the opposition's play. His positioning is a key factor in his defensive woes. This has been one of the aspects of his game that he has been working hardest to improve upon while in the VHLM, and he will need to become less of a liability if he doesn't want to be taken advantage of by the smarter VHL forwards.


Durability: The Vikings will be lucky if Lloyd Light can make it through a whole season without spending some time on the disabled list. He plays recklessly, putting himself in great danger when on the ice. However, Light is in good hands in the VHL medical staffs, as the league has never seen a player miss a game due to an injury. Given his track record of injuries, Light could potentially be the first player to change that.


Size: As noted earlier, Lloyd Light is undersized for a VHL defenseman. He will be one of just five defensemen in the VHL weighing under 200 pounds. He is also over two inches shorter than the average defenseman in the league. He comes in at below average among all players in both categories, which could cause trouble for him in the VHL. Not used to being so undersized, Light will find himself having to adapt his style if he can not handle the bigger bodies.



The Vikings are a team on the rise, and they will count on Light to provide for them. Part of a strong rookie class across the league, he may struggle to stand out among his peers, but he should become an integral part of any success that Stockholm may have. Here are our predictions for his first two seasons in the league.


S41: 35G | 42A | 77P | -38 | 48H | 98 SB

S42: 23G | 40A | 63P | -12 | 123H | 138 SB

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Overview: 2/2 - Great Rookie Profile. How long ago was this written? It talks about the relocating Vasteras team and predicts his point totals for S40 and 41. :lol:


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Solid pros and cons!


Grammar: 2/2 -


"at ever level of hockey" - every

"need to know what is not capable of doing" - what he is not capable


Presentation: 1/1 - Good!


Overall: 8/8

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Overview: 2/2 - Great Rookie Profile. How long ago was this written? It talks about the relocating Vasteras team and predicts his point totals for S40 and 41. :lol:


It was written when I posted it, just from the perspective of when I was actually a rookie.

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