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Frank Chadwick Joins the Navy, David and Victor Fight to the Death.


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In a suspenseful turn of events Frank Chadwick has left the BOG and joined the navy. This afternoon it was reported that Frank had stormed in the league offices wearing leopard skin and playing a tribal flute. He then exclaimed that he was leaving the navy and yelled "Fuck Harper". Sterling then stood up and said "that's a banning", Frank replied with "I should of burnt this place down when I had the chance." Enter Kendrick who gets super cereal and proceeds to fly away on a unicorn. 

End Scene


Chapter Two David Knight to quit shitty job and return to VHL and finally we'll get to see Victor and David battle to the death. 


This just in, New York has won the draft lottery fuck them. 


Shoutouts to the following people...

Alucard - You're a beast keep up the good work. He's going places!

MDawg - Canucks fan and a pretty down to earth dude hope you stick around.


In VHL news the Legion and Dynamo suck. Also Jaladolar wants to fuck a last name, not too sure why. Gorlab's waiting for you in traffic while Caillean stands behind a bush with a sniper riffle. 


If you've gotten this far good job, and yes you do get bonus points if you act like you care. 



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