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Claimed:We should really talk about my regular season production [Final 6/6]


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Title says it all, I'm here today to talk about the things I did during regular season. No fun, no bullshit, just cold hard facts. Let's start.


72 Games played


Another season has passed and I played all games once again. No injuries, no suspenions and no healthy scratches. I'm a sim hockey machine, playing all games like a boss. Never took a day off, always on point and on time. I gotta admit though, I freaking sucked for the first 30 games, but I guess that's what all my sim hockey players have in common.




56 Goals


Decent, I'd say. I think I score more goals last season, but aside from goalie, last years team was just plain better. We had way more TPE whores on the team than we did this season. I was hoping for at least 60 goals this season, but sadly I fell short. With this being my last season down in juniors, I probably won't flirt with 50+ goals for quite some time.




59 Assists


Oh look, a shot first player has more assists than goals. It's a strange world we're living in, isn't it? I spend most of the time playing with Tutu, I mean Ruutu and Patton. You'd think that we'd score more with such sexy names, but we didn't. We stumbled around on the ice like the 3 stooges, but somehow it worked out for Ottawa and we made the playoffs. Good job GM!




115 Points


Well, shockingly 56 goals + 59 assists adds up to 115 Points. Which is good enough for the team league in points, putting Zeptenbergs in his place. The 2nd place to be exact. It was pretty sweet to lead the team in points, it was a tight race between me and Zepty but in the end I pulled through and won.




28 Hits


Holy shit, 28 hits? Power Forward in the making I'd say. Was hoping to hit more this season, considering I put some TPE into checking, but nope, no more hits for the Dudster. But to be fair I only took 2 penalties all season, which is not a lot. I'm pretty happy about the lack of stupid penalties I took.




221 Hits taken


No matter if you're a boy or girl, people love to hit me. I mean for most of the other VHLMers it's because they're jealous and want to take a run at the sexy face of the league, but that's something I got used to.




448 Shots


That's a huge number, I mean I took nearly 450 shots on goal. That's a lot. You'd expect more goals, but nope my shots either went wide or hit the goalie. I always try to fire pucks through the goaltender, instead of just firing the puck at the open net. From time to time I do find that little opening and score a goal, but those times are pretty rare.




Oh well, that was my review on my season. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play some sexy hockey last season.






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Content: 3/3 -An interesting look at your season, in a silly and odd way. Made me smile a few times. lul. You're a character ;)

Grammar: 2/2 - 

no suspenions  = no suspensions 

gotta = Got to
years = year's 


Appearance: 1/1 - Simple & Plain. 

Overall: 6/6 

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