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Claimed:Harumpf - The Legend Grows [final:4]


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Effort: 1.75/2 - A bit simple, needs some stock work, blending and lighting added.

Look: 1.5/3 - As I said, needs some more to it. Using stocks lets you make better backgrounds, and improve lighting and blending as well. Try to go simpler on the font as well, it looks more smooth. There are a few tutorials and PSD packs here which can help you improve very quickly.

Creativity: 1/1 - Mhm.

Overall: 4.25/6

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Effort:1.75/2 not a lot of work really

Looks:1.5/3 Need a lot of improvement. use of stocks land lighting make a lot of wonders to sigs. The text needs work as well. Id advise  you to watch some youtube videos

Creativity:1/1 yep


Claim 4

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