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Claimed:Archie Talks about Season[Final 5/6]


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Presser - You've just been eliminated from the playoffs. What now?


Archie - I'm gonna go work harder, get bigger, faster, stronger, and better. There is a lot of spots in my game I need to work on. I am no where near where I need or want to be. I have a bunch of holes in my game, but I know I will get better eventually. It was a pleasure playing in Ottawa. I love all the guys here, but I knew this time would come. We are all going to go our separate ways, and I wish everyone best of luck. Maybe I'll get picked by Ottawa in the VHLM draft.


P - Speaking of the VHLM draft, who do you hope you are chosen by?


A - It doesn't make a lot of difference to me, since I hope I am only there for a short time.  The rules state once you go over 175 practice hours you will have to be promoted to the big leagues, and I should be at that point by the end of next year. If I had to choose where I get picked I would hope to get drafted by the Ottawa lynk. I have built a relationship with some of the people here, and I hope I get to continue that next year, or sometime down the road.


P - Who do you hope drafts you in the VHL entry draft?


A - Once again it doesn't make a whole lot of difference for me. I just want to get picked, and start playing up there. I haven't really gotten a chance to talk to any of the VHL GM's, and I am sure they are all great. I know Jala from the SBA, so if I got picked by his team I would be pretty happy, but like I said it doesn't make a huge difference to who picks me or where I go. 


P - What round do you think you should be picked in?


A - I think I am a first round talent. I was pretty late to the show because I have played basketball for most of my life. I'm not quite as talented as some of the other first round players, but I have the potential. I will get their someday, and I hope it is sooner rather than later.

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The rules for staying down in the VHLM is this:


You must be under 200 tpe before the season starts. If you wish to stay down in the VHLM, you can only put 175 tpe into attributes, and you bank the rest of the tpe you earn until you move up to the VHL. 


It may be beneficial for you to stay down in the VHLM another season, as you earn a lot of extra tpe in the VHLM from achievement tracker, practice facility, and VHLM predictions, all of which are not available in the VHL. 

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Content 2.5/3 Good article but a bit short, try to get it to at least 450 words


Grammar 2/2  Pretty good


no where - nowhere


Ottawa lynk - Ottawa Lynx


Appearance 1/1 Good, but try to add some pictures next time


Overall 5.5/6


Final 5/6

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