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Not too long ago, an announcement was made for the World Championship of Hockey that the search was now on for Team GM's. Of the 6 teams, potentially the biggest powerhouse team, was in search of someone who can surely take them to the promise land. A few short days after the original announcement for hiring positions was made, the hiring selections had been completed and GM's were named for each team. For Team USA, they gave the reigns to Oslo Co-GM and VHLM magazine writer, Blake Campbell. Campbell is an up and coming general manager within the VHL community and has been working hard for quite sometime to establish himself as a vital, strong contributing member to the VHLM, VHL and within his LR's. The opportunity has finally come for him to show the league and those who are watching closely exactly what he can do.


Obviously when I was approached by WCoH commissioners about the position, I was very excited, anxious and honored. I quickly sent in a resume and got a response back fairly immediately and had learned that I was a top candidate for the position. Honestly, to lead a VHL and VHLM team is one thing, but to take on the role as a national team GM, that's a huge part in my very young career as a GM. I have a large amount of experience in numerous other leagues, however, am a fresh face to the VHL community when it comes to being in a manager position. I look forward to showing them what I got.


Campbell briefly touched up on his plans for Team USA, lines and what he believes is in store for Team USA and their opponents.


The rosters were submitted and posted a day after I was hired into the position. I am very fortunate to have a group of elite players that gives me a lot of options to work with. Obviously, this means that the pressure is more on for me than a team that is potentially weaker because there's no reason as to why I should fail. Of course, things do happen and sometimes you lose, but that's not my game plan. Lines will not be posted until need be and no official word will be released anywhere, to anyone - not even members of the Team USa squad. We have the upper hand with a strong roster and I want to continue to play my cards right so that it stays that way. There's a few other good teams out there and they're gonna put on a hell of a show just like us. Am I nervous? Of course. Am I confident? Absolutely. I've recently sent a package of Maple syrup to the Canadians management personnel with an apology note saying "this is the only thing that's going to be sweet about the US this year, sincerely - Dick Cheney". Here we go, eh?

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