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Cologne Partial Re-Brand


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The Cologne Express will release a new jersey later in the week and it will feature some great additions. The Express have chosen a more metallic green instead of their standard evergreen shade they classically wear. The logo on the front will feature the usual train, but with more of a prominent tree focus in the background. Later a 5th Anniversary patch will be added to the jersey but the shoulder patch for this release will be the letter "C" in a slick design. The jersey rebrand is part of a plan to further modernize their look and hopefully boost jersey and other sales. The Express are hoping along with this jersey rebrand they can add a playoff banner to their rafters and fill some of their trophy cases. Through four seasons thus far the Express only have a couple individual trophies to their credit. The rebrand will feature a black home jersey and a white away jersey, all of course with green blended in to each in different ways.


"I am both excited and nervous in terms of the reactions we will get. They looked amazing in the shop room with the designers but sometimes fans can be picky. They will dissect the jersey but overall we think this is the design we want!"- Joey Kendrick

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