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Deal Almost Done?


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Deal Almost Done?

--Francis Lemon


QUEBEC CITY, Quebec – Yuri Grigorenko has played for three different teams in his VHL career. After electing to jump into the free agent market after all of his previous contracts expired, Grigorenko might finally embark on a path he has yet to go down: sign an extension with his current team.


After walking away from his draft team in Calgary followed up by a one year pit-stop in Helsinki, Grigorenko signed a two year deal with the Quebec City Meute before the start of season 34. With his current deal set to expire at the end of the year, it was speculated that Grigorenko would once again test free agency, but sources have indicated that management and Grigorenko are close to striking up a deal that would last until Grigorenko’s league mandated retirement.


The two camps have been pretty tight-lipped about the entire situation, with the only talk about the expiring contract coming at the beginning of the year, where Grigs stated his desire to stay in Quebec City. With ten games remaining in the regular season plus a hopefully lengthy playoff run, there is still tons of time before a decision has to be reached.

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