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Moher drafted in 9th round of Super Cup; pissed


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Super Cup Draft underway

Moher selected with 50th overall pick


Rookie goaltender, Lennox Moher, will make his debut in Super Cup play along with everyone else who makes a Super Cup squad.  Moher was selected by the McNeil Super Steals.  Coincidentally, Moher believes he was taken as a steal in this draft.


"I think I could've been selected a little bit higher, but I understand why I fell as far as I did," the goaltender out of Boston, Massachusetts said, "It'll be a good group that I am with, so I'm very happy. Edgar may not be an idiot after all."


Eggly Bagelface, who is very close in terms of current talent level, was drafted 15 picks ahead of Moher. He has performed better this season, but it will be interesting to see who ends up with more TPE by the time the Super Cup rolls around.


The McNeil Super Steals actually selected Mike Szatkowski, Jr. with their 11th round selection, while Team McCreath Eaters still have not selected a goalie yet. Analysts believe a trade may be forthcoming.

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