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Vasteras Apparently Cursed


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After winning the cup in Season 35, the Quebec City Meute broke the supposed “Kyle Curse”.  With this in mind, the VHL Magazine asked which franchise was the next to be cursed and received eye-opening results.  Of the five teams listed – Vasteras, Calgary, Cologne, Helsinki, Seattle – Vasteras got an overwhelming majority of the vote, with roughly 63%. 


This seems to reaffirm the belief of many that the Iron Eagles will not be winning a cup any time soon.  After winning the cup in Season 1, the original “Vasteras Curse” was put into place, as the team was unable to win a cup for 25 seasons, the longest championship drought of any VHL franchise.  After winning the cup in Season 26, Vasteras has not enjoyed any more large-scale success, despite a strong push in seasons 31 and 32, picking up players like Vladimir Boomchenko, Klaus Müller, Jarvis Baldwin, and hall of famer CAL G.  However, after Season 32, Vasteras went into a rebuild that would completely change the look of the team.  After trading Müller and Thomas Corcoran, the Iron Eagles picked up young goaltender Eggly Bagelface, and then were able to draft winger Willem Janssen in the S34 draft and center Leon Leitner in S35.  “I don’t think we’re cursed,” said Janssen, the team’s captain.  “It’s just a matter of the pieces not falling in place at the right time.  Obviously we’re not a strong championship contender at this point, but I think we have a chance to win a cup in the future.  We’re starting to move from a rebuilding team to a possible playoff team, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before we find success.”

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