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Well, technically this happened last sim, but I just got around to writing it. Podarok will officially be a point per game player! I'm very happy about this, though it's a little bittersweet since at one point I was on track to lead the league in goals and be third in points. As always, I'm ever-conscious of my Hall of Fame resume. I'm three seasons into my career, and so far I have one great VHLM season, an incredibly disappointing rookie season, and an ok sophomore campaign. Is this a good pace or not? Being a rookie I don't really know. Hopefully I start picking up the point production, because I could really use it!


in other news, I am currently working on an update scale proposal I will talk about in my podcast tonight. Probably won't be drastically different to anyone else's ideas. To give some of my thoughts right now, basically I'm of the mindset to beef up the TPE requirements in the back and not the front. So stay tuned if you give a shit!

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