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Claimed:Beketov CoDCast #13 [Reviewed]


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  • Should've just skipped from #12 to #14
  • Fucking Calgary.....
  • On the bright side, I think we are the second best team in NA Conference right now.
  • How did you get hair in your mouth when you shave???
  • i could sit here and bitch a lot too.
  • Calgary V. Riga is my prediction
  • It was YEAH I'm pretty sure
  • In my GM leagues I'm the exact opposite haha, I almost always stockpile draft picks.
  • It makes me sad too :( ugh we tried so hard too!
  • the thing that makes me mad is that us and Calgary are pretty much in the same position.
  • dont retire early, babe.....
  • ahhhhh that kinda makes sense, I was just like uhhhhhh
  • it is pretty cool, I could never make something like that.
  • I thought that too But then I saw that they actually replaced the blood with more arrows!
  • i hope he does. I have records to get here.
  • Kneecaps, you say? Hmmmmmm..
  • What does HATR stand for?
  • Yeah, they don't have a good team, they have the lowest total TPE of anyone, yet they're winning, and I have no idea why!
  • He's a hacker, 100%
  • Oh yeah, it's just the connection, suuuuuuuuuuuuuure
  •  I meant do you think Europe could be upset :P 
  • It's not permanent, no worries.
  • level 1000 holy shit????? How?????
  • What was that?
  • Yeah for sure, a 50 season league and they're the first, awesome work.
  • It did seem like there were over half of the league rebuilding this whole time.
  • face cam!
  • Yeah idk why you called them your babies either....
  • If we did, we would have, we have tons of assets and trades in place
  • I mean we are all trying.
  • Robbie does what he wants!
  • Why u gotta be cup chasing!
  • Weinstein has 2 more years left.
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