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With Shawn Muller still going strong entering his 6th season with the Riga Reign, that means I have 2 seasons left with Shawn Muller at the completion of this season. In this off-season I will finally get the damn 2nd player I wanted 2 seasons ago. I have been thinking of what my next player should be named and what he should be playing. Looking at my player pages of old I have never made a Winger or a Goalie. with Muller I made my winger so my next stop would have to be a goalie, would this be best though? the league still has great goalies in Sandro Clegane, Jakub Holik, Dmitri Dadonov, Ilya Kopralkov, Atticus von Braxton IV, New York's GM will be creating a goalie, Artom Zhumbayev and Ariel Weinstein. However some of these goalies are getting old aka Weinstein and Clegane. So there would be hope that I would get to be drafted with my first goalie and be a starter for 8 strong seasons. can't wait to create him now he will be a Canadian is all I will say.

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