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Here we go again, part 3 of this series of reviewing the Season 1 VHL Dispersal Draft. This week we will look at the Hamilton Canucks.


1st Round - 8th Overall: Defenseman David Night

Reg.Season Career Stats: 504 GP | 164 G | 370 A | 534 P

Playoffs Career Stats: 16 GP | 2 G | 6 A | 8 P


David Night was taken 8th overall by the Hamilton Canucks and he proved to be one of the best taken in the first round. He would play 7 seasons in his VHL career (504 Games) scoring 164 goals and assisting on 370 goals for a total of 534 points. He wouldn't have as much playoff success though as he played in just 16 games scoring 2 goals and assisting on 6 goals for 8 points. He is one of the best player never to win a Continental Cup but he did win some medals in the World Cup. Despite this, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his dedication and hard work in the early years and is one of 4 1st Round Draft picks, in the Season 1 VHL Dispersal Draft to end up in the Hall of Fame.


2nd Round, 15th Overall: Goaltender Jesus Christ

Reg.Season Career Stats: 353 GP | 184 W | 138 L | 26 OTL | 0.908 SV% | 3.12 G.A.A | 18 SO | 0 A

Playoffs Career Stats: 6 GP | 2 W | 4 L | 0 OTL | 0.904 SV% | 4.47 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A


Now here is a player who had a cool name. "He Shoots, Christ saves" was one of the commentators favorite things to say. He played in 353 games in his career compiling a record of 184-138-26 with a 0.908 save percentage and a 3.12 G.A.A. He also had 8 shutouts in his career. Those number may not look stellar but in the high scoring era of the VHL they are pretty decent. Unfortunately, some of the teams in Hamilton Jesus Christ played for were not very good so those number look even better because he faced a lot of rubber each game. He also only made the playoffs once in his career going 2-4 with a 0.904 save percentage and a 4.47 G.A.A. I'm pretty sure they lost to either a very powerful Calgary Wranglers team or a very powerful Seattle Bears team the one time they made the playoffs with Jesus which led to his inflated G.A.A. Overall he was a good goalie on some bad teams.


3rd Round, 18th Overall: Center Adrian McCreath

Reg.Season Career Stats: 360 GP | 124 G | 168 A | 292 P

Playoff Career Stats: 9 GP | 3 G | 2 A | 5 P


Hamilton though they had a great first three rounds of the draft when they selected a franchise Defenseman in David Night, a franchise goalie in Jesus Christ and a franchise centerman in Adrian McCreath. However, McCreath was traded away to the Amstel Tigers after awhile and he never really panned out as a centerman. In his 360 game career he scored 124 goals and assisted on 168 goals for 292 points. That is a good total but when you were drafted as a 1C but put up 2C numbers you're going to be a little disappointed. He also never really had much of a playoff career playing in just 9 games, scoring 3 goals and assisting on 2 goals for 5 points. Overall, he was decent but more was expected.


4th Round, 31st Overall: Left Wing Tahk Paccenn

Reg.Season Career Stats: 578 GP | 237 G | 269 A | 506 P

Playoff Career Stats: 10 GP | 5 G | 4 A | 9 P


Here is one of the best steals in VHL Draft history in my opinion. He was a solid soldier for the Hamilton Canucks throughout his 8 season career. Tahk Paccenn played in 578 games, scoring 237 goals and assisting on 269 goals for 506 points. He played his whole career with the Canucks but that was also his downfall as he played for some pretty bad teams and as a result he played in only 10 career playoff games. He produced when in those games though as he scored 5 goals and assisted on 4 goals for 9 points in those 10 games. Overall, it's a shame he never had more success because he was a good player stuck on some bad teams.


5th Round, 34th overall: Right Wing Donald Bartch

Reg.Season Career Stats: 360 GP | 68 G | 116 A | 184 P

Playoff Career Stats: 6 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P


Here is the Hamilton Canuck draft pattern: D-G-C-LW and now they took a RW with the 34th selection in Donald Bartch. It was a good idea in theory, set up your franchise at every position hoping that they would stay practising if they knew they were a 1st liner. It did not work out in this situation with Donald though as he played in 360 games, scoring 68 goals and assisting on 116 goals for 184 points. He ended up only playing in 6 playoff games where he put up 0 points. Overall, not a very good pick.


6th Round, 47th Overall: Left Wing Geordie Carragher

Reg.Season Career Stats: 98 GP | 9 G | 8 A | 17 P

Playoff Career Stats: 0 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P


Well this was a miss in a big way. Geordie Carragher played barely over a season and a half in the VHL and put up 9 goals and 8 assists for 17 points in 98 games. He also never played in a single playoff game. big miss.


7th Round, 50th Overall: Goaltender John Pereira

Reg.Season Career Stats: 20 GP | 0 W | 9 L | 1 OTL | 0.832 SV% | 6.36 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A

Playoff Career Stats: 0 GP | 0 W | 0 L | 0 OTL | 0.000 SV% | 0.00 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A


With the their 7th round pick they went with a backup goalie in John Pereira who did not produce any wins at all in 20 games. He compiled a 0-9-1 record with a nasty 0.832 save percentage and a even worse 6.36 G.A.A. He did not play in the playoffs. Miss.



In my opinion, I think David Night, Jesus Christ and Tahk Paccenn were hits by the Hamilton Canuck franchise in the Season 1 VHL Dispersal Draft.


:oldcgy:1. Calgary Wranglers - 5/8 = 62.5%

:ham:2. Hamilton Canucks - 3/7 = 42.9%

:ams:3. Amstel Tigers - 3/8 = 37.5%

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Review: I actually don't remember this draft as I don't think I was around at that exact time. Good read with content and stats. Nice look, and other than a few confusing sentences and random periods it was a good read!


Grammar: Some confusing sentances as well

He is one of the best player=He is one of the best players

Those number=Those numbers

awhile=a while

With the their=With their

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