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   The VHLM was taken by storm yesterday as young defenders Tomas and Aksel Syndergaard declared for the upcoming VHL draft. The two youngsters have rumors surrounding them of possibly signing with the North American Conference's Brampton Blades, and some of the VHL's teams have already seemingly taken an interest in bringing in the two young players. But today, we focus on Tomas Syndergaard and his young hockey career. What drives and makes Tomas the player he is today, and how does he differ from his brother? Today we find out.


Tomas Syndergaard was born in Fynn, Denmark on June 12th 1999 five minutes before his brother. He came out of the womb smaller than Aksel, and would stay the same his whole life. Now towering up at over six feet and weighing a solid hundred eighty pounds, he's a physical force who's ready to take his game to the next level in the VHL.




1. Tomas has already developed his defense to a high point, and it shows in his play on the ice. With constant defensive cycling and a dominant shut down play style he is worth every minute he plays. 

2. He doesn't sacrifice offense for defense. While his numbers aren't the highest, he still provides secondary point production and will continue to do so in the VHLM.

3. Syndergaard is dedicated to his team. The young player is ready to take the next step and will give away anything to play at a professional level. 

4. His size makes him a looming threat on the ice. Smaller players are afraid to get into the corner with him, and his history of contact only strengthens those fears.

5. He's a strong skater, and can skate better backwards then some players can even skate forwards at the VHLM level. With more development in that area, he will continue to skate laps like he did in minor hockey.




1. Tomas isn't the strongest of a player, despite his physicality and offensive presence. Working towards muscle growth might be a good use of his time.

2. It's been spoken in the past that Tomas has issues with other players on the team and that coaches have eventually had to remove other players from the situation in order to complete the wishes of Tomas. 

3. His brother is a must have alongside him. The two have been a defensive pairing for a long time and it's very unlikely they want too continue that trend.

4. He isn't coachable, and reacts poorly to people telling him what to do. This could cause more internal issues on the team.

5. His greed on the ice is there, but it's small enough that it won't be a problem. One notable fact is that more often than not he will pass to his brother rather than another open player.



As you can see, Tomas Syndergaard is a very two way player. While he has equal ups and downs, it is obvious the pros outway the cons in this case. Any team who brings in this player should be happy, and will have gained a valuable asset.



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Review: 531 Words; 321 In the Pros and Cons


Other than the fact is a bit tougher to read, it was a good article about what to expect from Tomas from the Syndergaard hockey family. Like your brother you seem to be looking to build a good two-way player and hopefully it all works out for you. Good job on the profile. 

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