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   The season has been a strong and memorable one for the Saskatoon Wild. Many have concluded the team is well on its way towards winning the VHLM Championship, and with the recent addition of stud young defenders Aksel and Tomas Syndergaard their chances have only improved. 


The two Danish natives have made a small defensive impact on the team to date, playing solidly on the third line pairing. Respected as one of the top up and coming blue line pairings the game has to offer, it's no doubt the two will be able to move into a first line position by next season. Neither of the two have scored a point in their first seven games with the team, but have put together seven hits, two shots blocked, and twenty shots on net. Together they've become a strong shut down pairing vying for the eye of VHL GM's.


But what are the thoughts of both player's with their performance so far this season? To some, it may seem like a disappointing showing for two players that made big demands before officially entering the VHLM, but to coaches and real hockey critics it's been a perfect start to wonderful careers in sports. We were able to get in touch with both of them about their performance and outlook on the season.


Interviewer - "How do you feel about your personal performance this season so far?"
Aksel - "I feel I've made a strong impact on the team so far. Even though I don't score very much I still play physically and cause offensive opportunities."
Tomas - "I'm not sure about it so far to be honest. It's disappointing me to not be scoring often, but that comes with joining the season later on. I'm sure our offense will pick up later in the year though."


Interviewer - "Where do you see yourself going in the next VHL Entry Draft?"
Aksel - "I suspect both me and my brother will go in the top of the draft, seeing as I haven't seen many other prospects around the boards or on the ice lately."
Tomas - "I'm very confident in my draft position. I think GM's will see my dedication to the league and my team and will be impressed so will select me with their high up draft picks. Of course some of it also depends on my performance on the ice, but I think that is a secondary part of draft stock."


Interviewer - "How do you think the Wild will do in the second half of the season? Do you see yourselves being a contender for the  VHLM Championship?"
Aksel - "I think we can continue our reign of dominance into the end of the season. We have a very good team going, and so far it seems like most teams can't contend with us. When it comes to a championship I'm really not sure, but that's for sure something that's a possibility."
Tomas - "The championship is for sure something we have our eyes on, especially with the squad we have going right now. I think we have all the pieces in place to take it home!"


The two players say they have high hopes for their careers and the rest of the season with the team, and make promises that their offense will pick up before the season comes to an end. Each of the player's expected by the league and fans to add at least twenty points each to the current total the Wild has running. Tomas especially has a special talent to score, but both have a special way of putting the puck in the back of the net.

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Good article! Nice to see you guys settled in with the Saskatoon media. By now you guys are becoming big parts of our team offensively as well. I'm looking forward to raising the cup with you guys! What will you two do if you are drafted by different teams? I have been wondering that.


610 words :D 

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