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League Leaders

In the third installment this season of the league leaders in goals and assists in the VHL, we’ll take a look at who’s leading the league having now played 37 games.

Previous Leader in Goals: Niels Skovgaard (22 goals; 26 games)

Current Leader in Goals: Tyson Kohler (33 goals; 37 games)


There is a new sheriff in town when it comes to the VHL goal race, and that person happens to be Calgary Wranglers forward Tyson Kohler. The leader for the most goals in the VHL has changed each of the three weeks we have looked at the league leaders and with only eleven goals separating the number one spot from the number ten spot, who knows how long Kohler will stay at the top of the leaderboards.

Previous Assists Leader: Black Velvet (39 assists; 26 games)

Current Assists Leader: Black Velvet (54 Assists; 37 games)


Black Velvet is on a record break tear this season, and has been since the moment he stepped on the ice this season with the Calgary Wranglers. Velvet is on a pace for assists that hasn’t been seen since back in Season Thirty-One when Ryan Sullivan took home the Alexander Beketov Trophy with 101 assists. It doesn’t appear that Velvet will be letting the lead slip anytime soon from his grasp either, as the next closest competitor is eight assists out at this moment.

*For Weinstein*

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