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Claimed: Deadline Robbiery


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Yes that was a play on words and yes I am talking about what happened this trade deadline. When NY traded me to Cologne for Jarvi. When I logged on to the site that night I was not even expecting to be traded. I was just trying to finish a MS I was writing before I went to a bachelor party. Well that didn't really go according to plan. I was bombarded with notifications and shit so I happened to click on one and I saw I was traded... or at this point it was a attempt to trade me. Before reading any post talking about that I had a NTC I thought to myself wait! I have a NTC! I was like I know what I will do I will be like fuck you I ain't accepting shit! jack shit!


Well... that didn't go according to plan either because well... The second trade happened. Why? because I assume Greg thought he had a better shot in NY and he knew that I would never ever in a million years accept a trade to Cologne so he flipped my player to Helsinki. Following me? This hit me as I was about to click on the NY link to reject the trade. I was like WTF! But after talking to Higgins for a bit about who was on the team and the LR activity and a few other players that are on the team I thought hmmm maybe I should waive to come to Helsinki and then beat NY in the finals thus extending the Robbie curse or the Covington Curse as Mulligan knows it so well. 


But then I was granted permission to think about it during the night during my bachelor party. Which honestly I do not remember even doing that podcast or making that decision. But I agree with that decision. Why? because it' fun to go from one contender to another one and then beat your old contending team in the finals as Riga found out that year they faced me. It's not my fault that people got butt hurt about the trade. I did not make either trade, I did not ask for either trade. I was blindsided by it all just like you were. It funnily enough turns out to be more of a three way trade which pissed of Devise because he would never have in a millon years would have accepted a three way trade that sent me to a team that could have beat him in the finals with me on it. That would have been insane and stupid at the same time. It was thanks to Greg that the 2nd deal got done because as I said before he knew I would not waive to go to Cologne and he wanted a chance at the cup. So by trading me to Helsinki to get his shot in NY he made the trade a 3 way trade that Devise hated. All I have to say is see you in the finals boys

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14 hours ago, BobertZ said:

But after talking to Higgins for a bit about who was on the team and the LR activity and a few other players that are on the team I thought hmmm

hmmm is exactly what I'm thinking right now

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