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The Only Mock Draft You Need


The Season 54 draft promises to be a good one especially if your team is in dire need of a goalie seeing as two of the top prospects are goalies. To say I am out of touch with what each VHL team needs in this draft would be an understatement, so take all of this with a massive grain of salt. But as the best GM in the history of the VHL, I think you should read this article and take the players I am suggesting for you.


Season 54 Draft Order (tentative)

Round One
:tor: TORONTO LEGION: Markus King, Goalie

2. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO:  Fook Yu, Centre
3. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Aleksei Federov, Defense
4. :rig:RIGA REIGN: Torstein Ironside, Goalie
5. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Shawn Gretzky, Centre
6. :sto: STOCKHOLM VIKINGS: Hudson Abbott, Defense
7. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Takashi Fujimoto, Right Wing
8. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Rudolph Schmeckeldorf, Left Wing
9. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Verner Reinholdt, Right Wing
10. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Vernon Von Axelberry, Goalie

This is probably the biggest guess work mock draft you will read this year. I obviously have done very little research with this seeing as I didn't intend to write one until I saw Higgins' post. Toronto get their franchise player with Markus King who looks to be the future of the VHL in terms of goaltending and should be a big boost for the Toronto team as early as next year. Fook Yu will be the first player selected by Davos and will join the leagues worst team. He should be, like King, a boost to a franchise that has almost nothing else going for it. Whether he blossoms in Davos or falters will be up to him, but he will add excitement to a team that has had none. The Titans jump in at number three and select a player who will be going in to a position to succeed right away. The Titans had over 100 points this year and adding defenseman Aleksei Federov will only make them better immediately and in the future.



The top pick: Markus King


The next player selected will by Torstein Ironside a goalie who will join a rebuilding team but can become the face of the franchise as well. He may sound like he belongs in Skyrim, but he will immediately be added to the European team and be a welcome sight for the struggling franchise. Quebec City makes the first of their two selections in the first round, taking centreman Shawn Gretzky to add to a slew of young players on their roster. Gretzky has a lot to offer to his new team and is likely to be a very good complimentary player in the future, though the jury is still out on if he can be a star or not. Stockholm will take the second defender of the draft, choosing to take Hudson Abbot at sixth and adding a solid prospect to one of the leagues best teams. The player seems to be right on the mark for a start in the VHL this year, and should be a welcome addition to an already powerhouse roster. Already having selected a defenseman in the first round, the Titans are able to draft a little off the board, taking Takashi Fujimoto with the 7th overall pick. The natural goal scorer has put the puck in the back of the net everywhere he has played so far and will be a good player for years to come in Finland. 



The last pick of the first round: Vernon Von Axelberry


With the last three picks, we see Quebec select a player with a long name, Rudolph Schmeckeldorf is the contrast to Fujimoto in that he is a playmaker who makes people around him better which is why I think he will be a good player for Quebec's second pick. Adding him and Gretzky will make their team's future immediately better. The ninth pick belongs to the New York Americans who will select Verner Reinholdt, a winger who is a similar player to Schmeckeldorf in that they are smooth skating wingers with a natural passing ability that makes those around them better. In my eyes, these two picks are mostly up to personal preference as both players seem to be right around the same developmental curve at this point. Pre draft meetings will no doubt play a role in which of these two is selected ahead of the other. Lastly, we see the Wranglers select probably the best value pick of the draft. Vernon Von Axelberry is likely a top 5 talent in this draft, but due to positional need and the number of top end goalies in this draft he will fall lower then he deserves to be selected. Never the less one of the worst team in the league will luck out and select a goalie of the future who will help immediately in turning the fortune of one of the leagues original franchises around. 





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