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Claimed:A look ahead to Season 37 Draft


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 Early S37 Draft Preview



For a while it looked like the league was starting to thin out when it came to new talent joining the league. All of a sudden it looked like the S37 Draft was going to be quite the let down, but all of a sudden new talent started to come out of no where. Today we are going to look at some promising players that will be available come the draft. 



Tom Slaughter (LW) - 190 TPE


Slaughter, who is playing with the Bratislava Watchmen this year is expected to go first overall after a few impressive years in the VHLM. He is one of the most talented play makers to probably ever enter the VHL, and is going to be a very exciting player for years to come. Even though he has had a slow start this season with the Watchmen, it’s the work ethic that impresses everyone. Bratislava is expected to win it all this year with most arguably one of the best rosters to ever be put together. They have backed that up with an impressive 14-0 start to the season. 



Slaeter Fjorsstrom (D) - 173 TPE 


The five foot ten defenseman who also plays for the Watchmen is expected to battle for the top pick in the draft with Slaughter. Through 14 games this year Fjorsstrom is a disappointing +1 and only has six assists. This doesn't mean anything according to many general managers, as they know what kind of player he is. He has been known to play a very risky game for a defenseman, but his style can pay off largely. Whichever team manages to land him is going to have a great offensive defenseman for years to come. 


Blaine Olynick (G) - 63 TPE


Arguably the best goaltender in this years draft has been criticized for not having the best work ethic and that definitely scares some teams. Olynick could go anywhere from third overall to tenth overall in the draft depending on whoever is on the clock. This season he is playing with the Bern Royals and has posted a 5-1 record to start the year. His save percentage and goals against average numbers aren't the best, but he wins games and that’s what teams want in the VHL. He has a very interesting style of play, which some say remind them of Tim Thomas. Olynick is posed to prove people wrong this season and become a top pick in the draft.


Konstantin Azhishchenkov (C.) - 34 TPE




Lastly is a surprise player who came out of no where and has been having a very good start to his rookie campaign. Through 16 games this year he has 14 points which is impressive for any player in the VHLM. The almost point per game pace has been noticed by many people across the league and he is definitely making a case to be a top five pick in this years draft. It will be interesting to see if he can keep this pace up and prove people wrong. Being a Russian born player does scare some teams away, but if he can commit to this league, he will be a amazing player. 

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The site isn't letting post this media spot with the pictures just so the graders know. I can show you the pictures or whatever, thanks.


It does, I don't think you can add it in using code unfortunately.  Use the image button in your post (white and green, middle of the second row).

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Content: 3/3 - Thanks for the mention. Around the time I joined it was pretty much just Slaughter and Fjorsstrom in competition with each other. I was able to make my way to around their level, and there are plenty of even newer guys right there with me, which makes me very happy. All the competition should be healthy to be used among each other to build the best player they can before the draft. You can make it to the top 5 if you work hard enough!


Grammar: 2/2 - Good work mate.


play makers - playmakers


Appearance: 1/1 - Sucks about the picture malfunction. Not sure if you've tried to include them in recently but you were at least able to include one and incorporated colors. All in all, good job with what you had.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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Hey, I just saw this post! Great read! Really enjoyed the section on me! I like being the player coming out of no where and having the possibility to surprise… I hope that i land in the top 5, that would be pretty awesome.. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING RUSSIAN BORN! ;) Im not going to the KHL! haha.. Anyway great read, and its nice that i was the only one who got a picture :)



PS: Im not Ovie, but Andre Burakovsky

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