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VHL Magazine Brings In Record Profits


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VHL Magazine Brings In Record Profits



NEW YORK - With increasing subscriptions and members, it's a pretty reasonable assumption to make that the amount of money the magazine is bringing in would go up as well. However, none could have foreseen the amount of money truly being made by the VHL Magazine. Although the official amounts are not released to the public, profits are rumored to be at eleventy billion U.S. dollars.


While editors at the magazine declined to comment on the matter, a recent discovery by a man known only as Mike has rocked gently nudged the VHL community.


"It's $5.99 an episode," exclaimed Mike. "With one edition a week, that's nearly $24 a month."


With most yearly subscriptions for magazines between $20 to $25, the VHL Magazine is bringing in roughly the same amount of money as twelve subscriptions per year for just one. Sports Illustrated is reportedly aiming to follow the VHL Magazine's sales model, hoping to bring in a profit of ludicrous proportions in 2014.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, which generates zero annual income. He enjoys laughing at Marques Colston, secretly tattooing penises on Colin Kaepernick and calling up Andy Dalton to remind him that he's a good person.

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