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Interview with an American
Today I am here interviewing one of the New York Americans bright young stars, Brick Wahl. Now Brick is a rookie this season and he is boasting admiral numbers that not many rookies can replicate. Being a goalie is already hard work, but being a goalie for a rebuilding team and being able to keep your composure, is a huge thing. Night in and night out, this guys in ready to get on the ice hoping that his team can pick up a win for the game they are fixing to play. Quite frankly, Brick is one of my favorite players from this years rookie class. If you get the chance, go check out one of his games or even watch it on television. You will not be disappointed with the way his game is or how he handles his press interviews after the game is over. Here is Brick to answer a few of the many burning questions that I have for him.
JS 1. Brick Wahl, your first season so far has been pretty successful. Do you think that your success is something that is going to make you one of the top goalies in all of the VHL?
BW 1. Yeah, I definitely think I have worked hard enough to become one of the top goalies in the league.  To me it has clearly showed this season and I haven't even played my best yet.  I have approached things one game at a time and it has gotten me to the point where I have had a solid rookie campaign.  Hopefully I can take this season and build on it.
JS 2. With beating some of the powerhouse teams, do you feel like that you had gotten lucky during those games or do you think that you can keep playing at this high of a level for the rest of your career?
BW 2. I don't believe in luck.  Everyone can be fortunate at some point but this team is more skilled then people realize.  I knew I could beat those teams and I did.  In my debut, when I shut the Legion down, I had the confidence that I would be able to. It doesn't matter who I play because all I am focused on is giving my team a chance to win.  I will always take that mentality into games regardless of whether I am an unproven rookie or a top flight starter.
JS 3. Do you believe that you will win rookie of the year or will it be someone on the offensive side of the puck? (If you think it's someone on offense, could you please state who you believe it is and why?)
BW 3. I think I am definitely one of the potential candidates as not many goalies are able to record a .915+ save percentage in their rookie year.  However, my teammate Connor Low also should be one of the major candidates.  Not only does he lead all rookies in scoring as a defender, but he is also in the top ten for both hits and blocked shots.  I think right now it has to be between us two but with other guys like RG3, Robin Gow, Brennan McQueen and Xin Xie Xiao, it will be a tight race.
JS 4. Do you have any players who come to mind that you would like to play with one day? Whether the front office brings them in via trade or they come in during the free agency period.
BW 4. I think guys like Osborne, Taylor and Kellinger are givens since they are so talented.  You want to play with the best and those three are some of the very best this league has to offer.  Willem Janssen is another player that would be intriguing to play with.  Of course, I am very happy with who has been brought in so far and I expect that to continue.
JS 5. Lastly, what are your career expectations? Are you aiming to have the highest save percentage, have the most saved goals, have the most shutouts?
BW 5. Ideally, I'd love to make the Hall of Fame.  I don't want to look too far ahead and there are some amazing young goalies already in this league, and a few more coming up.  However, I think the main goal is winning at least one Continental Cup.  I am starting with this team in their first rebuild in over eleven seasons, and I'd love to be one of the guys who leads them out of it and into the finals.  I would like to do what Benjamin Glover never could do.  I want to backstop the New York Americans to a Continental Cup victory.
Thank you Brick Wahl for this wonderful interview. We wish you and the rest of the New York Americans the best of luck and we hope that some good fortune comes to you guys.
Boy when it comes to interviews, this guy here is one of the best guys to get an interview from. Next week I will be doing another interview and it will be another player from the North American conference. Someone who really has been trying to make a name for himself but hasn't lived up to the hype around him. Let's just hope he has some of the great answers that came from Brick Wahl. Until next time people, this is your favorite reporter, John Stevens.
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Content: 3/3 - Considering you interviewed a mortar structure, I was impressed with the quality answers you got in return. Quite impressive!
Grammar: 2/2 - Two little mistakes:
he is boasting admiral numbers = he is boasting admirable numbers
this guys in ready = this guys is ready
Appearance: 1/1 - GREAT!
Overall: 6/6 - :dav:
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