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Review: This is a cool sig. I love the black and white, with the render blending in well and the red for the text. I'm not huge on the sizing, especially with the text, I think that it's a bit small, and the white subtext is a bit cluttered. I think scan lines or some other style might have worked a bit better. Overall, solid sig, but not your best work.

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Hmm pretty fire, sad that I don't think this sig qas used very much back in the day, though you only used like 60% of the canvas this just looks so cool. The effects on the render look super sick and all the sub texts look cool. Especially the red bigger text that is in the bg. As for the main text it looks cool and is easy to read. Also love that you made the render's face black n white and some of the jersey but made the red pop. 

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