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Season 58 has now started, most teams have played eleven games so far. To celebrate regular season hockey being back in our daily lives,  I thought it would be a good idea to write few words about the start of the season!


As some know, I´m personally playing in Seattle these days and to much of my delight, the start to my Seattle journey has been a good one - currently first in the league with 18 points! Legion, Reign and the Americans are right behind us with 16 points. Legion is actually one of two teams with Davos who have played ten games so far in the season, so Legion could make the push to first position if they win their next game, but overall the battle for top positions is tight at the moment. What comes down to playoff spot race, Titans with 13 and Wranglers with 10 points are currently on the positions five and six in the standings, after those two comes Davos with 5 and Meute with 1 point, so it´s not looking too good for Meute and Davos at the moment. Even if it´s early in the season and anything can still happen in both playoff spot battle and who finishes in the top-4 , but both Quebec and Davos need wins and they need them fast, otherwise that point difference might be too big to catch up.




There has been some noticable individual performances in the regular season so far as well,  Gabriel McAllister has 11 goals in 11 games,  John Locke who is leading the shots taken category with 105 is one goal behind Gabriel with 10 goals in 11 games. Takashi Fujimoto and Franchise Cornerstone have also reached the 10 goal mark already.


Nine players are currently on assist per game pace, Shawn Gretzky is leading the league with 15 assists in 11 games while Lee King Snatch and Fredinamijs Krigars are right behind him with 12.


Pablo is the highest scoring defender with 15 points in 10 games, Roman Sokolov and Conrad Jenkins are at 14. Ay Ay Ron and Luka Volkov are the two other defenders who are currently rolling on with point per game pace, both have 13.


Phil Shankly is the leading hitter with quite nice 60 hits in 11 games. Phil with Daryl Dortch and Fook Yu are the only players who have managed to throw over 50 hits. Guess who has been taking the most hits? Franchise Cornerstone with 41, that is a lot of hits in just 11 games, do they even go for anyone else than Franchise?  John Locke, Shawn Gretzky and Mattias Forsberg are right behind Cornerstone in hits taken with 39 and 38.


And now to my favorite part in hockey - the fights! Gabriel McAllister is the top fighter so far with 2 fights and 2 wins.  Daryl Dortch, Lukas Muller and Shawn Gretzky are the other players who have managed to come out of a fight as clear winners.




To finish this look on the statistics, I would like to examine the goalies. Rhett Degrath and Torstein Ironside have been the kings so far - both have 93,1 save percentage, Ironside has the lower GAA number - 1.50 goals on average, but he has played one game less that Degrath who has 1,80 GAA in 11 games, but both have played really well so far.


After those two comes Astrid Moon and Vernon Von Axelberry, both have 92.2 saving percentage and under 2 in the goals against average.  Norris Stopko in Calgary has a solid start to his year as well, 92.2 save %.


Perhaps a fun fact, Apollo Skye has been getting absolutely destroyed with shots - insane 565 shots against in 11 games! Second highest total is Stopko with 345 in 11 games, so bit of a difference there, keep Skye in your daily prayers.


That is all for now, thank you for reading. Now weather.


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