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  1. Spade18

    GM 212: New York Americans vs. Toronto Legion

    what value =P
  2. Spade18

    GM 216: New York Americans vs. Quebec City Meute

    oof almost kingfisher.
  3. Spade18

    GM 212: New York Americans vs. Toronto Legion

    There is controversy for top Dman on the americans.
  4. Spade18

    Official Away Thread pt. 2

    Hey guys, I'm not really going away, but starting Monday until about December 27th, is my busiest time of the year at work. Im talking like 14~16 hour days, 7 days a week. It's already started a bit as I haven't been around as much as usual. I'll still be checking in every day, but it will be short to check games and check up on my team, and if the season ends in that time, I'll still be here to run the reddit recruitment drive and such, my activity may just take a little bit of a hit for a month. But after that, we go to the slowest time of our year in January February March, so I'll be back to my super annoying ways then. Just dont want you guys to think I've lost interest in ya, or that I'm not handling my GM duties or recruitment duties. I'LL BE BACK WITH A VENGANCE AND YOU'LL BE LIKE "GOD WASNT IT GREAT WHEN HE WAS WORKING ALL THE TIME" BUT I KNOW THERES LOOOOVEEEE THEREEEEE
  5. Spade18

    GM 194: Quebec City Meute vs. Calgary Wranglers

  6. Spade18

    GM 191: Riga Reign vs. New York Americans

  7. Spade18

    GM 184: New York Americans vs. Quebec City Meute

  8. Spade18

    Recruitment Team Staff Changes

    Thank you for everything you've done for the team and the league @Tagger as you mentioned, you did such a great job of welcoming me to the league, and that locker room atmosphere you created in Vegas my first year is the gold standard of what I look to achieve as a Recruitment team member, and as a VHL GM. The things you did for retention as far as the new member area on discord, and the live draft rankings have made the VHLM a great experience for new members. And welcome to the team @McWolf! You've been a great addition to The Americans and from there I could tell you were the right kind of person we were looking for to fill Tagger's shoes. I'm looking forward to the new ideas you bring the team and am looking forward to working together!
  9. Spade18

    GM 162: Toronto Legion vs. Quebec City Meute

    a case of the natty
  10. Spade18

    GM 153: New York Americans vs. Riga Reign

    thats gonna be an OOF from me
  11. Spade18

    Joseph McWolf's Press Conferences

    YOU DO CARE 😭😭😭 ❤️ ❤️❤️
  12. Spade18

    Trades are more one sided than you'd think

    Dude this was a very cool look back at deals. I like this lol
  13. I dont want to get overly excited about NYA having 3 wins in a row, but I can pretty much guarantee we are going undefeated for the rest of the year #watchyourass

    1. oilmandan


      I thought that was common knowledge by now?