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  1. Spade18

    NHL 18-19 Fantasy VHL29

  2. Spade18

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    ooo we're doing tpe ones too!? =O
  3. Spade18

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    This is at 5pm eastern today right?
  4. Spade18

    WC GM 2: Riga vs. Seattle

    GAME 7 (3) TIME!
  5. Spade18

    Wildcard GM 1: Seattle vs. Riga

    holy tits dude
  6. Spade18

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    It was a while ago admittedly. Yea it was playing him over voracek I was more surprised about, and while I know simmonds is more of a special teams guy, I'd take him on the devils any day lol.
  7. Spade18

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Is konecny really that good now? Last time i gave the flyers any thought he was still like middling 3rd liner. To be playing over Voracek and Simmonds seems like high praise lol
  8. incredible to think we're watching the last days of possibly the best 1st overall to ever play in the VHL in McAllister
  9. the level of drunk i am right now has absolutely no sway over how much i love you all

    1. Exlaxchronicles


      Drunk on a Wednesday? Atta Boy!

    2. diamond_ace


      The level of drunk I am right now (none, am at work) has absolutely no sway over the level of drunk I'd like to be (mildly buzzed, as it would mean I wasn't at work).

  10. Spade18

    GM 282: Legion vs. Meute

    @Beaviss you have some splainin to do
  11. Spade18

    Official Videogame Thread

    I feel like this is a nostalgia cash grab. Have you gone back and tried playing any game even on ps2? I love to say that its the story that matters and not game play, but some of those game mechanics are just unplayable at this point and the graphics occasionally hurt to look at. It really comes down to how much are you willing to spend for that nostalgic rush?
  12. Spade18

    Mertz(Mid-season bonus)

    I love the jersey and the logo on this sig lol
  13. Spade18

    Colton Rayne PC

    Love it!
  14. Spade18

    VHL Pickem (S62W6)

    285 Titans vs Bears 286 Americans vs HC Dynamo 287 Reign vs Titans 288 Legion vs Wranglers