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  1. sigh, would have hit 40G this year but I didnt get played for the first 5 games 😩 oh well. next year.

  2. why is Crusader Kings 3 not an option!?!
  3. Matty Socks @fishy for Rookie of the year and you know its true.

  4. I'll be on your team daddy
  5. As soon as I'm allowed to cross the border again =(
  6. finally starting to put some in the net!
  7. Congrats to all! NOW. Who ever gave me this one vote. please identify yourself. So I can spare you.
  8. at first i was like "NOOOOO" and then I was like "Niiiiccceee"
  9. Ban me daddy

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    2. Spade18


      you treat me so good daddy

    3. Acydburn


      This is some new VHL fan fiction.... geesh

    4. Spade18


      yea.... fiction..... thats it.

  10. Adam Syreck Rookie of the Year. dont @ me

    1. Beaviss


      Shane Mars all over again

    2. rory


      You are nitpicking and biased. I win bye bye.

    3. FrostBeard


      Hylands. Just Hylands.