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Your BG looks a lil vampiresque with a reverse double exposure mixed in. I think its alright looking.

The two styled fonts aren't too bad at all but I wonder if they had been positioned to the lower right of the sig, wouldnitnhave made for a better look? Its decent there though. The off white colour has a paperesque feel to it and it's light enough to stand out visually.

The light exposure is a little too harsh so a dialing it down a bit would help. It distracts from the b&w render of his head.

More clarity along his back would be a better look I think, it comes across as being smudged taking away from already soft detail. 

The colours are pastel like and it looks as though the render was printed on one of the Sun papers. Its a good look.

I actually like the b&w head mixed with the colours. That light exposure though bugs me.

A decent sig that makes the grade.

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