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Welcome to the league! Looks like you got the gist of creating your player. You do have 30 points to add as you wish to any attribute(s) you'd like to improve on right away. To earn more points, you can post a Point Task into one of these forums, where you can post one Media Spot or Graphic or Podcast weekly (Or you could claim Welfare), as well as one time point tasks of a Player Biography and Rookie Profile. There's also a bunch of other possible ways to earn points (referred to as TPE). I'd suggest voting in our lottery here, where you can win a prize weekly, and are then entered into our monthly draw for an even bigger prize.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as it can be a bit overwhelming when you start here.

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Pretty much everything quik said if you do media spots or get a job with the league you can earn lots of TPE for your player.


Just have a look around on the forums it looks super confusing at first but you get the hang of it in a couple days.


Im the Commissioner of the VHLM(minors) you will be in the upcaiming draft later this week earn your TPE and stay active on the forums and you could be one of the higher picks at the draft!

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