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Marcus Högberg Rookie profile [1/2]


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Marcus Högberg


Gothenburg, Sweden

Height: 6'5" (77 inches)

Weight: 225 pounds

Handedness: Right

Age: 19

Jersey Number 77


Marcus Högberg is a Swedish defenceman born in Gothenburg. He has been a life-long hockey player, with his dad, Erik, being one of the most revered coaches and former players in all of Sweden. Högberg has been a mainstay on the Swedish blueline in international play. While Högberg had the option to stay in Sweden and play professionally there, Högberg decided to take his talents to the VHL in order to form his own path, away from the shadow of his father.




Offensive prowess - Högberg is one of the more offensively gifted prospects to come from Sweden in a while. Högberg prides himself on being able to come up with the much-needed goal or weaving the play that helps his team when it's needed most. He is able to see the game differently than most defenceman and can help guide his teammates in the offensive zone.


Skating - Högberg is yet another example of Sweden's commitment to excellence on skates. He is one of the smoothest skaters on the ice most nights and has the ability to reach top speed with only a few strides. His skating ability allows him to move around players with ease on the ice, which opens up shooting and passing lanes that allow his to work his offensive magic.


Hockey lineage - Högberg comes from one of the more respected hockey families within Sweden. His father is considered one of the all-time greats to play in Sweden. Marcus has followed in his father's footsteps, getting involved in hockey at a very young age. He often gets compared to his father when he first started playing, which is something that has recently begun to annoy Marcus and is one of the reasons he decided to go to the VHL.




Defensive zone play - One of the things that has driven his coaches nuts in the past is Högberg's play in the defensive zone. He has never been a consistent shutdown defender, which has drawn the ire of his coaches. He was moved to wing for a short spell but never got comfortable, always feeling more at home on the blueline. If coaches in the VHL can continue to work with him on the defensive side of hockey, they could find a very special talent.


Lack of physical play - Högberg isn't the one who is going to initiate contact in most cases, preferring to try and go for the poke check. He also hates being hit and can get taken off of his game if the hits begin to add up. He has been trying to bulk up more in order to avoid the physical toll the hits can take on him, but he still suffers mentally from the hits.


Discipline (On and off the ice) - While he isn't always in the box, he has been known to get frustrated and take a stupid penalty int he heat of the moment. He has a lot of growing up to do off the ice as well, often participating in practical jokes and saying what's on his mind, which doesn't always sit well with his teammates. He will require a strong veteran presence to help him grow, otherwise his problems may escalate which could lead to rifts within the locker room.

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