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Claimed: Big rebound year in store for 3 americans. [1/2]


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Casey Jones, Chase Keller, and Sergei Komarov all had amazing rookie seasons. Each would have run over the competition this year for rookie of the year. As chance would have it though just like there amazing first seasons, they all had awful second seasons. They admit there frustration had sunk in, they all had the knowledge of what it takes to be great VHL players, but yet had poor seasons. 


This year, they all look to rebound and are taking what they hope will be the steps in that recovery. Komarov has already showed all the steps need to be the best his family has ever seen. The hulking center has his eyes on the prize, and had found his groove after a hiatus.

He admits, his confidence after the ROY controversy got blown. Then to follow it up with a bad year, really did not help. Ut did not show though as the playoffs came around, Komarov looked motivated and wanting more he was hungry again.


That spells good news for the Americans, having Komarov, Keller, and Jones hungry to star once again.Rayne, Mcknight, and Muller are all ready to take the next steps and hopefully with the "vets" turning it around this season they too can have solid seasons making the Americans a bigger threat than they were last season. The 2 big names for now on the Americans are Degrath and Volkov who will be the leaders in the LR after the unexpected retirement from Fujimoto. 


The Americans are expected to be active in the forward and potentially defender market as they look to add one or 2 pieces to add some needed depth. Its unclear if they chase a guy like Solokov, or Cornerstone, or if they target smaller depth pieces that can create line up nightmares for opponents.


The Americans are likely going to face stuff competition from Seattle, and Toronto as they realize their windows are getting close to their eespective ends. Can not count out Riga, who has won back to back cups. Though its window may be closes if they can not resign King who may be the MVP of that team behind, the unreal chemistry of Locke, and Krigars. 


Jones has talked about his frustration with league change recently, but seems highly motivated to reach the elite defender plateau he had accomplished in his rookie season. When he took home not only rookie of the year but defender of the year. Any kind of showing like he had that year, and he would be a happy camper. 


Keller is the guy with the most pedigree of the 3, and he was the angriest at his performance. However, like Jones hes got the skill set to bounce back in a big way. He us expected to once again man the top line with likely some new line mates. As Fujimoto, has moved on with Mcquack retirment as well Komarov is expected to return to center ice full time with him moving on. 

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