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Claimed: Davos review [1/2]


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Defender Ko Kane has probably been the best skater for Davos this year. He will not garner much support for awards consideration this season but it could be coming in the future. With the league adding a best defensive dman award it opens up a real chance for the big body presence to win some silverware. He has 1 goal this year adding 5 assists for 6 points and while those numbers are far behind other defenders on better teams, when considering the Dynamo's poor offensive output so far, it actually shows how important he has been this year. The most notable stat he has is a -9 +/- when put up against other players on his team, including star Felix Savard, he looks like a legit player in this league. 


The Charm and Joseph Bassolino have looked real bad in contrast so far. The two centres are struggling to put up points while playing big minutes. People had some high expectations for them heading in to their careers, but some are beginning to wonder. Charm has 3 points and the first overall pick has 4. It's early in their careers but they need to improve drastically for them to live up to the expectations. Jeff Gow is looking pretty good relatively speaking with 5 goals and 3 assists. He may never become the player he was drafted to be but he can still be a cheap depth option. Elias Sobeck has been the best of the young forwards on the team with 2 goals and 4 assists. He is looking like a great option for the future as well. 


One player who is not talked about a lot is Diego Jokinen. He has spent his entire career in limbo playing for Davos and while he has had some good years, he has never reached a certain level of play. This year, in what is rumored to be his last, the Finish defender has 7 points in 21 games while giving good leadership for the young team. This year's second overall pick is looking like the right one. He has 7 points from the blueline and has a +/- of -11, again along with Kane, showing his worth in his own zone. He should develop and be a defender of the future for this club.


There is no article about Davos without including their MVP Shawn Brodeur. With a young team it is highly expected you will face a lot of shots and let in a lot of goals. However, Brodeur has been stellar this year. He has a 4-16 record which looks awful, but he a .922 save percentage and a 2.61 goals against. These, to me, reflect MVP type numbers on such a bad team as we are currently. He won't get much attention for the award, but he is looking like one of the best young players in the league at any position. Once goalies like Markus King and Ironside start to depreciate and retire, Brodeur will be there to catch the torch as one of the leagues best goalies.


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