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Who will be the next player to make the all-time lists?

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So I completed my all-time top 10 (15 for forwards) lists last week. I timed them quite well in hindsight, just as McAllister retired so I could include him on 3 of them, but without any other all-time greats being on the verge of retirement such that the list would become redundant within a season.


Who might break into the top in the next few seasons? I'd have to consider whether Norris Stopko did after his playoff heroics in his last two seasons. There are 3 goalies on the top 10 playoff performers list, and I don't think he knocked out any of Wingate, Kanou, and Wahl. But if he's fourth best, which is not a certainty by any means, there may be an argument that Stopko was better than the current 10th place – defenceman Doug Schneider. There's a debate to be had there for sure.


Of the still active crop, Matt Thompson is on good track to make the top two-way forwards list, although it's very close there, but depending on how his last four seasons go could see him either in the honourable mentions or as far up as the top 4-5. Meanwhile, Podrick Cast, still living off the 172-point or whatever season in S62 is still on pace for 900+ points which should put him at least into the 'stats section' of the list, but I still harbour hopes of 5th place.

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