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  1. As much as I hate on Discord, I actually like this idea. Regarding it being too much work - yes, it will be a lot of work at the beginning, and maybe we can have some volunteers get admin power to help change usernames or colors or whatever, but why don't we create a "role request" section of the discord and the only way you get your name color changed is by requesting it in there?
  2. ROBIN GOW PLEASE. I specifically didn't retire his number since he's my own player, but I did McQueen and Szatkowski Jr. before leaving.
  3. I go back and forth on this. The Washington Capitals started doing that this year, and its interesting, but I kind if like the uniformity of only having one song.
  4. So, in the past couple of weeks, I have been touting the play of both Pavlov and Lagesson in my posts in game threads and even these weekly fan590s. It was early in the season, but Werbenjagermanjensen wasn't performing well, and my attributes are lower than last season, so I thought I was on the downward slope. However, that is no longer the case. Smitty is number 1 in assists and points by a defensemen and is so far in contention for his 4th consecutive Labatte Trophy. Speaking of a possible 4th consecutive Labatte Trophy, IF that happens, my limited knowledge would have to put Werbenjagermanjensen down as one of the best defensemen ever. The overall counting stats won't be there compared to some of those currently enshrined in the hall of fame, but being able to win this award 4 times in a row in the most competitive era of the VHL ever would be extraordinary. My recollection is that Low and Braxton didn't really have too much competition for the award (although that could be false - it was a long time ago), while Werbenjagermanjensen has had to compete with multiple, and sometimes more than multiple, players with similar TPE or TPA. For instance, there are currently 13 defensemen with 840 or more TPA, while Smitty has 865 TPA this season and probably had somewhere around 900 or slightly higher the past two seasons.
  5. Need to write a song about your lack of ice time.
  6. At this point, I'm going to say Calgary. Just based off of the current standings, there are more top teams in the EU than NA, so ASSUMING we finish first in EU and therefore beat up on the other EU teams, Calgary would be the next team up since they're in NA. I don't follow the individual teams as much anymore, and I doubt I could tell you who the GMs of each team are, but I've always been associated with Ottawa, and I have a soft spot for the Reapers now. I did - I bought the one that stops depreciation for one attribute. For my final season, I'll be buying that one again (the Jagr?) and also Old But Not Forgotten...depreciation is still going to hurt though. I will be wearing homemade masks shortly. The governor of PA recently "highly recommend" that all who go in public in high foot traffic areas (grocery stores and other shops, etc...not just going on a walk) wear homemade masks or scarfs. This all happened really quickly - three days ago, it was relatively rare to see someone with a mask, but I went to Target yesterday and I'd say roughly 65% of people were wearing them already. PA has 10,000 cases and the majority of them are in south eastern PA. The fact that he is the leading scorer on Moscow, with 27 points in 22 games! It's starting to hit 60 degrees in freedom units, so that's nice, but it's been raining a lot too.
  7. Who uses Discord? Forum locker rooms are the future!
  8. Hi there @Zyrok The team MVP type stuff used to happen a lot more than it does currently. I don't really know why it stopped, but retired numbers, team specific awards, etc... used to happen team by team and were done by the team's GM. Nothing is stopping anyone from doing any of that stuff currently, they just may need to be reminded or educated about it. As far as the money part...that part will be hard. The player store is currently set up under the assumption that the only (or 99% of) the money a player gets is from their contract. Adding additional money upsets this balance, and can make some choices non-existent, such as buying TPE earning help now vs. buying regression fighters at the end of my career. Just my .02.