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  1. Was thinking of cutting out cable two years ago...sort of glad I never did. Yes, I'd probably save some money each month, but it's way too much of a hassle now. I'll gladly pay for things if they're reasonably priced and easy to access...and now that they're not...yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me
  2. The donation pool was also supposed to be @JardyB10's bail money, so....
  3. 1.) People who don't play the objective in objective based game modes in COD. It's one thing to camp a spot that's directly related to the objective, but the random guy in a building staring at a door does nothing. 2.) Me being forced to play regular team death match in COD. Madness! 3.) People who get overly emotional in their responses and don't step back and think for a second to calm down or collect their thoughts. 4.) Young people references to things I don't understand. I thought bread was something you ate, but apparently it's money now too.
  4. So, Moscow is off to a good start, and I'm absolutely en fuego. At one point, I had 16 points in 8 games (I think?) and now I have...18 in 10? Either way, my personal stats are off to a great start. Ugh, it's the end of the week and I don't think I'm going to be writing a media spot this week. I can't leave everything to the weekend...because then I just don't do it or it just drags. VSN - hot take - VSN and all magazine related things are destined to fail because too much conversation is now off the site and no one reads media spots anymore. This trend has been continuing for literal years and can't be blamed on any leaders of the mag/VSN. The one thing VSN has going for it is that it's tied directly to the portal, so everyone is "forced" to see it.
  5. @Steve I feel like I'm missing some points, but addressing some of the issues: Team over performance - I'm assuming this is something to do about how good Prague and DC are doing? We're still only 10% into the season...if either of these teams had a random hot streak in the middle of the season, no one would bat an eye, but since it's the beginning, everyone notices. Player builds vs. sim performance - Overall, I don't think there is too much of a problem with player results in relation to overall TPE. In general, the best players in the league are those who have the most TPA, and the more TPA you have, the better you'll do. Obviously ice time opportunity, line mates, and randomness will still affect you, and I'd wager that all three are highlighted most in this league (and hockey sims in general) compared to basketball and football leagues due to the nature of the sport, roster sizes, etc.. Player builds themselves - STHS is not great at this, but I don't think it's the worst either. From what I understand, EFL is the worst in player build diversity since all you need to do is get speed to be good. VHL is somewhere in the middle - I would say there are 4 primary attributes (Defense, Skating, Scoring, and Passing) two optional/differentiator (checking and faceoffs) and two secondary attributes (puck control, strength) and two "unknowns" (discipline, leadership). For what it's worth, it's relatively recent (in VHL terms at least...maybe around the S40ish?) that people stopped putting TPE into discipline, as some felt that it didn't really do much in terms of reducing PIMs, but that may sort of be up in the air and I don't know if it's 100% proven that it doesn't. I think the number of primary attributes is OK, but the number of secondary attributes is lacking when compared to the SBA, which I think has the best player build diversity due to the large number of secondary attributes and the fact that there are more defensive (or at least non-offensive) stats in basketball compared to hockey. It's certainly a limitation of the sim engine, but I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker. Discord - Caveat being that I don't go on Discord often, but at the very least, there is the "Newcomers Help" section of the server where more nuanced build discussion could be had. I don't have much more to add since I don't really check discord. Update Scale - Not exactly your point (more so @DMaximus), but in general, there needs to be a balance between the max TPE earners, the sort of max TPE earners, and the middling TPE earners. Currently, I would say it's possible for the "sort of max TPE earners" to hit the high 90s with their attributes by the time they hit their veteran contract, allowing them to be first liners on most teams. However, regression, especially in the 7th and 8th seasons, will force this to be short lived. The max TPE earners will hit their 90's/99s earlier on in their career and allow them to fight most or all of their regression, and even then, it's still hard in the 8th season and you have to differ basically all of your player store money just to fighting regression. If you move the update scale too harsh, then the max TPE earners become too powerful and can have too much influence on the league. It's a fine balance that needs to be had and is something we're always exploring, but at the end of the day, I'd rather have an update scale that was too easy compared to one that was too harsh.
  6. Turning the questions around, I've learned that we don't like Malmo. Slapshot, bar down. No fancy moves needed. After the season I had last year, my goal is to hit 90 points. It'll definitely be hard, but it is achievable. I didn't get a chance to meet either of them before I got here, but I know Komarov loved playing for Moscow, so I'll say him. Does it really matter? Yes, I'm an OG NEW Moscow Menance Discord member.