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  1. Aren't you supposed to wait like 10-15 seasons after they've been inducted to write these things?????
  2. Honestly, I don't have many VHL related thoughts. I've pretty much been checked out since the regular season ended, and really it was probably a week or two before then - more on that later. It'll be my 3rd season of my career and 3rd season in Prague. I have to step it up and improve my results on the ice, and hopefully that leads to improved results for Prague as well. We've missed the playoffs the past 2 seasons and really don't want it to be 3 in a row. Personally, both work and house hunting/buying have been kicking my butt. Finally officially bought a house on Thursday (whic
  3. 1.) No, not specifically. I trust management to make the right decision. 2.) We're fortunate to have "won" the 2nd lottery for 2nd overall - again, I trust management to pick the right player. I'm going to assume that we pick the player with the 2nd or 3rd most TPE. 3.) Need to start working out again, or at least running. My weight is good, but my fitness level could improve. 4.) I'm gonna go with D.C. - if it already happened (which I'm 99% sure it did), I didn't look it up. 5.) Last season, I was happy that I was able to improve all of my skills to a VHL level. This year
  4. Not like 2nd overall was a generational talent or anything either...
  5. Need to re-create as Allstate Mayhem @Sljppers
  6. So, playoffs, and no Prague. This year, I'm going to be bandwagoning for London. Always good to see expansion teams do well, Kevin Malone, and Victor/Moscow have been memeing about Prague a lot this year. 1st round almost always brings at least one instance of "LOL STHS sucks - my team was the better team and loss." Once again, obligatory "STHS is the best hockey sim engine out there for our purposes. The 'better team' wins the majority of the time and it would be very boring if we could just assume who will win the championship every season like we can in some leagues." Really ho
  7. That is interesting, especially since it's across multiple "decades". I wonder how much of it is the cyclical nature of the VHL versus the relatively good players/assets that are usually available in the expansion draft.
  8. 1.) Not really sure to be honest. I thought we were playing good enough to get a playoff spot, but we sort of just fell apart collectively at the end of the season. Is a shame. 2.) I need to hit the gym with renewed vigor. I've been coasting for most of this season and haven't been able to max out on my training opportunities, but my life will stop being hectic by the end of January, so I'll be back to earning more TPE. 3.) With COVID, not really. Probably going to go back home and train with myself or a couple of close friends, depending on how everything is.
  9. Pretty sure it was Jardy, not Victor, who looked us up on facebook.
  10. Well, it's official - Prague is not making the playoffs this season. It's always disappointing to not make the playoffs, but this might sting a little more than usual since we might be taking a bit of a rebuild/retool going into next season. This is just anecdotal, as I haven't actually looked at the roster or finances recently, but it seems like we have a good number of players retiring, so I'm assuming that we're going to experience a bit of a slide next season. The silver lining in all this is that it should give me an opportunity to earn some more individual stats. Obviously I have t
  11. 1.) Easy - just wind up with the old slap shot. I can't deke for shit, so I just try to blast it by the goalie. 2.) I think he can! I haven't cheated and looked up his stats, but I'm pretty certain he's going to. 3.) Win more games than our opponents. 4.) That's a good question - it's hard to go through a whole season without a shut out, but the Flyers did it a couple of season ago...some point when Steve Mason was the goalie. 5.) Hm....I don't know actually. Nothing is coming to me off the top of my head. 6.) Getting a $1 advent calendar with the chocolate inside. My