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  1. @Jericho hacking @Kesler's account because his password was password.
  2. 1. USA 2. Canada 3. Europe 4. Teagan Glover
  3. You have to use the group message button right above the reply button. You cant just use the @ symbol like you would for a member. Took me longer than I'd like to admit to figure that out.
  4. DAVOS IN TROUBLE? DAVOS, SWITZERLAND - It was supposed to be a season of triumph; a season that showed HC Davos Dynamo were back as contenders for years to come. Instead, all that's left is confusion and uncertainty. Roughly one third of the way through the Victory Hockey League's sixty-sixth season, the Dynamo currently sit in 4th place in the newly reborn European Conference, 7 points back of the third place Malmo Nighthawks. However, with the re-introduction of conference crossover for playoff positioning, Davos is 1 point behind the Toronto Legion for the last playoff spot. Funnily enough, when crossover was discussed in the Board of Governors during expansion planning, it was being brought back under the thought process that it would be the European Conference that would be weak, with two new expansion franchises recently added. Whether it's irony or some other type of English class thing that I don't know, the reality is that the introduction of crossover due to the Malmao Nighthawks, the rag tag team of castoffs currently ahead of them in the standings, is what will most likely allow Davos to "save" their season and make the playoffs. But is that enough? Expectations in the Swiss town were much higher before the season began. In an off-season that saw the team add legitimate stars like Glade, Dragomir, and Crimson to a young roster that barely missed the playoffs last season, many were talking about making it to the Conference Finals, if not the Continental Cup itself. Comparisons were made to the teams of yesteryear, with players like McAllister, Bassolino, and Gow. So far, that's not happening, and the supporters are starting to get upset. "It's not been an easy season for us," said Simon Valmount, former Davos player and current leader of the Dynamo's largest supporter group. "We put up with a couple of rebuilding seasons and saw the club heading in the right direction, and put up with some shenanigans at the end of the last season. We know the players are trying their best, but we're unsatisfied with the results." The results are the crux of the issue, as the peripheral stats are there. The Dynamo have scored the second most goals (72), have taken the most shots (828), and have given up the second least shots (686). However, Davos has given up the 6th most goals. This can partly be explained by not only playing their back up goalie, Tyler Smith, in his required games this season in order to avoid a repeat of leas season, but also by the fact that Smith has played in 11 of the team's 23 games, 2 more than is required by the VHL. When taken into consideration, if the team won or recorded points in half the games already played by Smith if Davison played instead, then they'd be in much stronger playoff positioning. This is something that will have to be remembered during the end of the season, as most teams wait until then to play their backups. So what is the team going to do about it? For now, nothing. "We're just not getting the bounces right now," said captain Alvaro Jokinen. "If things don't pick up in the next week or two, I think you may see some more dramatic changes, but right now, we don't think we're playing badly. The results aren't there, but the process is OK."
  5. Young second year defenseman Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen is off to a mediocre start to his career. With average offensive numbers, Smitty is currently falling well short of his goal of making the VHL Hall of Fame. While his career is still young, doubt is starting to creep into Smitty's mind. Depending on how this season goes, he might just call it quits entirely. "Yeah...I'm not sure how this hockey thing is going to work out for me. Hockey has always been my number 1 passion, but it may become apparent that I'll be more successful in another sport. I know a guy who can help me out physically. There are rules against this kind of stuff in the VHL, but not in this other league." According to anonymous sources, basketball is Smitty's second passion. He's always been pretty good at it, but just doesn't have the right build to be successful at the professional level. However, with the help of this unnamed person, he might be able to fulfill his dream in making the hall of fame, some how, some way.
  6. I thought I was going to have to come in here with my boxing gloves on why forced retirement should stay at 8 seasons
  7. It's been OK. Last year, the team performed as expected overall, but this year, we're performing below expectations. The season is still early though. Yes, I plan on re-signing with Davos at this point. I've never really been one to go to free agency. I've made it a point to avoid actual person rivalries for legitimate "bad blood" reasons. The easy answer is probably @Positivefan036 since he's my brother, but there was the odd member or two who disliked me for decisions I made when I was commissioner. There's a couple cool people. Like I said, @Positivefan036 is cool, @Will is a pretty swell guy, @Squinty was my besty but he hasn't been around the block in a while. @Victor is ight.
  8. Spongebob! The fact that you don't know this make that makes me feel old...I think. I'm from the Philadelphia area, so I've always been a Flyers fan, but hockey itself became my number one sport probably around 6th or 7th grade. So this is going to a very cliche answer, but it's just the old memories. The league was much younger (in terms of average member age) and less mature, so there were a good number of stupid arguments/trolling going on. @Jericho figuring out @Kesler's password and messaging people randomly, etc...
  9. Kill it with fire. Give the simmers a break.
  10. I honestly wonder how different the show will feel during a true re-watch without tons of time between each season. I'm in no way excusing this season, as I think it's been overall pretty bad, but I think some things will be more clear as far as foreshadowing and the like when the early to mid seasons are more fresh in your mind.