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  1. This doesn't affect the length of the season in real time, correct?
  2. 1 goal, 2 assists, and 6 penalty minutes...very active game for me.
  3. That's cuz I only hang out with the cool kids in the BoG and the Blue Team Forum
  4. Gonna sound dumb, but they really just stopped because people stopped doing them. The old old core gave way to the now old core of GMs, and in general, they stopped do9ng them, so the new GMs today don't do them either.
  5. This isnt anything new? Just changing the game thresholds.
  6. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen disrespect.
  7. So, it's the start of a new season! Every team (except for Prague and DC) can theoretically win the Continental Cup! We know that isn't too likely, but everyone can dream. S68 introduces divisions. Two divisions in each conference, with each division having three teams. I'm hoping that divisions bring back a little more of the old rivalry to the league - something that's been missing for a while. I'm hoping some of our newer members will be able to handle the potential bitterness, as a lot of them tend to overreact to every single mean thing said to someone or the other. Davos is currently in first in our division! Good job so far, hopefully we can keep it up for the rest of the season. Prague and DC are in the league! Good luck to both of them...since I think they're in for a very long season. Don't expect either of them to win too many games this year.
  8. 1.) Davos currently sits 1st in its division - any thoughts? 2.) What is more surprising - that Davos is 2nd in goals for, or 1st in goals against? 3.) How far do you think Davos can go this year? 4.) What are your thoughts on our new division rivals? 5.) What are your thoughts on the two new expansion teams? 6.) What are your thoughts on HC Davos's logo and color scheme? 7.) What was your favorite thing you did this off-season? 8.) At this point in your player career, would you consider your career a success compared to your original goals? 9.) What are your thoughts on selecting a back up goalie in the most recent draft? 10.) If you weren't allowed to select Davos, who are title contenders this year?
  9. Expected win. Stay with it's going to be a rough season.