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  1. Because if there's one thing Philly fans are known for, it's being overly optimistic about their teams......
  2. Allows you to discuss some things without going into huge detail and earn TPE at the same time!
  3. So, the forum update is nifty. The white/black or day/night modes are nice, and I'm pretty sure this was a highly requested change. I appreciate night mode on my phone a lot more than I thought I would. Being able to change the colors is interesting as well. I've tried to pick a pink/purpleish color close to the color in Prague's logo, but I don't think I've been successful....it's a little too pink/magenta. So, John LeClair II...nothing to report on. 0 points through 9 games and only 28 hits or something like that. I knew it wouldn't be a highly successful season given that I just barel
  4. I'm just excited to make the VHL! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and it's finally here! As a rookie, we're expected to look to the veterans to see how we should act. In that sense, I've been very impressed with Landry II I need to work on everything right now. I'm currently a jack of trades, master of none...but seemingly barely average at everything. Depending on how I'm feeling and the weather, I either drive or take some sort of public transit. Today, I drove. Always keep putting in the hard work. Success or failure is acceptable as long as
  5. So, I got drafted by the Prague Phantoms 8th overall. For those who were watching the stream on Twitch, it was kind of funny, because I didn't realize my name got shortened to something like "J LI" on the draft board and was seriously going WTF when I thought I fell out of the 1st round. Then some kind souls informed me that I was indeed selected already. It's ironic that Prague is the team who drafted me given the fact that I was on Prague for about 2 weeks with Smitty. The Phantoms had traded for my UFA rights in order to negotiate a contract, but I ended up signing elsewhere. It was c
  6. That John LeClair II guy is pretty good, and I've heard nothing but good things about The Blob. Seems like Prague picked up two good prospects. Nope, I don't have anyone specific in mind. Maybe another defenseman? Hm....this is a tough one. In general, I like Take 5 bars for chocolate, swedish fish for sweet, and sour patch kids for sour every once in a while. I think it's going to be John LeClair - only 40ish points in the VHLM, but I think he'll exceed that total in the VHL this season. I'm assuming I'm not paying for anything related to these trips, so I'd pi
  7. I don't think it's as much a hard and fast rule like it used to be, but on average, I still think it is.
  8. Re-creates > First-gens First-gens more boom/bust, re-creates more reliable.
  9. I've had 2 players who should have been selected 1st overall but were picked 2nd instead. I'm still salty....but not really.
  10. There are 12 VHLM teams (not including VHL as not every team has an aGM...or I don't think so at least), meaning there are 12 VHLM GM positions and 12 VHLM aGM positions available. These positions are highly sought after and have a large number of members applying for them. It's not personal. It's really not. And it doesn't mean you're NOT qualified. Just a supply and demand issue.