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  1. I agree in general - definitely a work in progress, and I'd expect for some changes during the off-season. Biggest need is some sort of ball winning midfielder. In a pinch, I think Lo Celso and Ndombele can fill that ball playing midfielder role. I'd also be curious to see Ndombele in Sissoko's spot of today's match, but that would mean needing Aurier to play more conservatively or just do so against lesser competition. The 442 allows Son (or Dele, who I think might be able to play that role as well) to cheat a little bit defensively - contribute defensively in the middle of the pitch when needed, but isn't always needed to play defense like the wingers are. This is very rough, but You'd have to balance the wings out with who you put at LW/LB and RW/RB.
  2. @solas Don't know about you, but I don't mind playing a conservative, counter-attacking style. I've harped on this before, but given Spurs financial situation compared to the current top 4, I think this approach (which can be bought into more by a team of tight, collective players) is more realistic to lead to a championship than free flowing, attacking soccer. If we go with the latter approach, I think you're more at the mercy of whatever "golden generation" you can get together. We blew our chance with the previous group, and without a large sale to reinvest in the squad, I don't see the funds or transfers available to re-create that.
  3. Things the VHL implemented because of me - @eaglesfan036 I went 0-2 in the playoffs. The Reapers and LeClair II lost in the semi-finals in 7 hard fought games, while Smitty lost in 5 games to Riga. I guess it wasn't meant to be. It's been nice taking a "break" from the VHL over the past week. I've barely logged on (just basically checking BoG and staff to see if anything big pops up) and it should help rejuvenate my activity in the league. Not that it was going to be low or anything, but I max'd TPE on Smitty like I've never done on another player, and I wasn't even able to keep it up for all 8 seasons. For the last 3.5 seasons, I basically did welfare with a couple PTs sprinkled in for doubles rewards. I'm curious where I'm going to go in the VHLM DIspersal Draft. This draft can be weird, because at some point, everyone has maxed their TPE or will max their TPE throughout the season.
  4. I think you meant July 6th? But either way, we all have to lay our bodies on the line and do everything we can to get a victory in this game. I think it's what you said in the first question - Saskatoon is one of the best teams in the league, so some nights, they're going to have our number, and some nights, we're going to have their number. We rotate it around. When I run it though, it's 00's punk rock. For me personally, it's been nice getting to know some of the newer guys to the league - I'm looking to know more members of the league. As the league keeps growing, I sort of recognize fewer faces. I exceeded my already low expectations. Got a couple of points and kept getting assists. I don't think so. Given the high turnover in the VHLM, a locker room can vary greatly from season to season. Sometimes personalities click, sometimes they don't. Sometimes you get a lot of quiet people, sometimes you get a lot of talkative people.
  5. I have no idea why Robbie riles people up. Its 100% an act/gimmick (which I dont mean in a bad way) in order to get a rise out of people. Good luck with your re-create, because you know you're coming back!