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  2. SKATING Don't go down the @Devise path and not upgrade your skating.
  3. Just a counterpoint - Why do we have to look at these goalies the same way we looked at previous goalies stats? What were great goalie stats in the NHL coming out of the lockout look very different than what they looked like 5 years ago, and still look different than they do today. With those TPE numbers, I think we also have to keep in mind the switch to the 12 TPE/week cap.
  4. Well, we suck again in terms of standings, but the big difference is that we don't get blown out often and are in close games. Doesn't feel as bad to lose 4-3 or 2-1 than it does 4-1 or 5-1. Short term it'll hurt, since obviously he would improve our depth, but long term it may help the team if he wasn't interested in being here anyway. I want to continue to keep games close. We need to build on success for the upcoming season. Eventually, the losing has to stop, and it should be next season.
  5. For VHL, I like Davos's new logo, followed by Moscow's logo, then Seattle's. For VHLM, I like the Lynx, followed by the Rush. No. I'm generally not a fan of banning members and think some people need to grow a thicker skin, but Boubs went way across the line multiple times and was given multiple chances. His permaban was well deserved. Does @Will still count? He's technically some other color now, but we went in at the same time and usually agree on everything. And I get to make the joke about visiting him in Halifax every time I drive past Halifax, PA.
  6. quik question @Advantage - do you remember all of your thoughts for these trades or do you have to look up prior information on them?
  7. Who were your prior players again? I definitely recognize the username, but can't place the players.