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This is an article to hype up Trevor Van Lagen, a player and person who may not be outspoken in the media or the loudest in the locker room. 


Trevor Van Lagen broke into the VHLM via the 84th(!) selection of the draft. He was a TPE whore instantly, and built himself into a player who would have success immediately and for his career ahead.  


Check off the boxes. Max TPE? Check. A particular build to avoid being a lost player? Check. Producer when it mattered? Over point per game - check! Big scoring Center? 80 scoring - Check. Big defensive player? 75 Defense - Check. Top 20 draft ranking? Check. 


There isn’t a single goal or achievement he didn’t pass. 


Yet he has only had three teams reach out to him! No he didn’t start early enough to warrant a top 10 draft ranking (by TPE standards that is) but he did nothing to prove he isn’t your best selection to make. 


This player is a smart, driven player who doesn’t stop on his quest to be the best. He will always overachieve, even once it becomes expected of him.


Mark this guy as the prospect to watch. He won’t let you down.  He’s a stud, a leader, and a heck of a hockey player. A loyal one at that.


221 words.

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