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Raleigh Ritchie - Rookie Report [2/2]

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(S68) Raleigh Ritchie
RW | 6' 1" | 146 lbs | Age: 21 | GB.png | Portsmouth

Ritchie is the most recent talent to come out of the United Kingdom's slowly burgeoning hockey scene, though still grass roots they are some good youth development programs going on out that and that's given some VHLM teams enough reason to send a few scouts over to the little island every once in a while. Ritchie has just finished his first season in the UK's national hockey league. The Rookie put up some astonishing numbers, scoring the most goals by a rookie since 2008 with 14 goals in 21 games, a mark good enough for 3rd overall in the league. He was award the Rookie of the year award as well as the young player of the year award. Now let's breakdown how the young Englishman plays.


+ Pros

  • Excellent shooting, Ritchie has a natural talent for hitting the back of the net from far out, a signature slapshot from the wing is often met with a puck flying past the opposition goaltender.
  • Agility, at 6'1 and 146 lbs Ritchie is one of the lightest players on the ice more often than not, this lets him get into his shooting spots faster and set up ready for the pass with minimal interference from opposing defensemen 
  • Hard-working, The young man has a serious drive in him and many reports have come out from local hockey publications about Ritchie staying late after training with the teams goaltender to work on shot. This is a great mindset for a young player to have.
  • Locker room presence, After joining the adult team for the Portsmouth Victory he immediately fit right in, a natural joker that has quickly built strong relationships with teammates and rallied the team around him in the last season playoffs.


- Cons

  • 1 Dimensional play, Though Ritchies scoring has made him an invaluable asset to his team there may be some concerns about his single minded approach to the game, lapses on the defensive end have cost his team points at certain times this season and this may be exploited more at higher levels of play.
  • Attitude, Ritchie has played with a chip on his shoulder and his performances being lauded league-wide has led the young wing to run his mouth and trash-talk opponents. With the increased attention from the media that would come from playing in the VHL some have wondered whether the youngsters brash tendencies will get him in trouble and cause friction with teammates, management adn members of the media.
  • Physicality, Ritchie's slight build has equal drawbacks to the advantages of mobility, against more physical defenders that are fast enough to keep up with him he can struggle somewhat. This hasn't been too much of a problem in the UKHL but against the better talents oversees only time will tell whether Ritchie will still be able to produce.
  • Pressure, In Ritchie only's playoff experience against defending UK champions the London Musketeers he didn't perform well, seeming to be unable to control the nerves that came with playing in a larger arena and under the eyes of more fans that he was accustomed to. With crowds and stakes only getting higher in the VHLM this could become a stumbling block that will severely inhibit his success unless he can hurdle it quickly
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Review: Nice to see another west Europe prospect this season. Good write up and good formatting of the post altogether. A picture seems to be kind of standard with these things, so that would have been nice to see. Eager to see how an unusually small winger like Ritchie fares in the VHLM.

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Review 2:


Needs a picture or two. Needs a conclusion. 



The formatting on this one makes the word count seem deceptively short. It actually meets count at 559, so good effort there.


Regarding the pros and cons section, bolding should be used for highlighting a specific attribute. Take a look at this example:



I just ate twelve eggs.



I just ate twelve eggs.


See what I mean?


Otherwise your writing is good, just clean up the readability a bit and this will be a top notch profile. Gets my approval either way.


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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Raleigh Ritchie - Rookie Report [2/2]

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