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  1. Sidney Crosby Not sure who goes next. @Quik you picking for golding? Or does @hedgehog337 go now?
  2. Okie dokie. Rylan Peace for me this time @Bruins10
  3. Not sure I was fully prepared for the huge changes that take place during the jump from VHLM to VHL. It was a wild off-season and it moved fast. There is a bit of a bitter taste left in my mouth from getting ousted from the VHLM playoffs with Halifax, mainly around the fact that we don't get to try again. The minors are done and that team is gone. It was a wild ride, one I enjoyed a ton, but within the next couple of days I knew I would be drafted somewhere else. I was excited to move up to the VHL, in part because I knew there, we would be able to keep the group together to try again when things don't work out in the playoffs. The expansion teams announcement added a different wrinkle. Two more teams meant a couple more available player spots, and I was optimistic I'd end up in a good situation with good playing time. My thoughts towards playing for an expansion team were always positive; it would be cool to be part of a team's founding history. But at the end of the day, I couldn't be more satisfied where I ended up. New York has a core of young players that is unmatched in my opinion. Everyone in the room genuinely believes we'll be one of the top teams in just a few short seasons. To be a part of that is humbling and I can't wait to see how our development grows throughout this season.
  4. So tired when I wrote that. I fully meant Boris haha. Will keep Wilcox in there though so I can double my chances of being right
  5. 3. I've had only 1 game where I put up points. Need to be more consistent, and be better against better teams. 4. Hitting expectations. Hanging around that 5th spot in the NA conference with the chance to grab that 4th one. I fully expect us to be one of the teams that gets better throughout the season this year 5. I plan on always playing full careers. Depreciation doesn't bother me and if you keep to one year contracts layer on, then you can always try to swing your way to a competitive team. 6. Our captain Dalton Wilcox. We seem to be getting a ton of points from defence so far, but that will normalize and forwards will catch up. I think he will be the guy leading the way. 8. I honestly was hoping the expansion rules would allow them to be somewhat competitive out of the gate, but looks like that didn't happen. Still cool for all those guys to be a part of a brand new team. 9. Prague will probably make the playoffs first, and once your in you have a shot. DC might end up with the higher peak, but can't really say when they might reach it. Probably a while. 10. Super excited for our future in NY. I think this past S68 draft will look really good in hindsight, and the returning S67 guys will lead the charge.
  6. Sorry, have to skip you again @DangerGolding. Heading off to bed and don't want to be skipped myself. Elias Dahlberg @Bruins10
  7. 43 Vancouver 44 Calgary 45 Riga 46 New York
  8. studentized


    I would like to throw my name in for this as well. Definitely not the most qualified member who has applied, but I log into the site regularly and am sure I could provide fair and frequent updates for everyone.