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  1. 1) We should be able to. They've been good all year, but we are just now heated up 2) Better to save our bad games for them than a division rival 3) Coaching, lines, chemistry. Just takes time to gel 4) Excited for the next wave of goalies, whoever on top 5) Pass first centre build. Will finish out my full career though 6) Vancouver has been a tough beat my whole career here, so them
  2. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  3. 1) As I'm sure we all know by now, teammate and all around great guy Elmebeck has recently passed away. What's your fondest memory of our friend? Talked a bit about collaborating on some cool play by play analysis for the VHL. Never really got anywhere and that's kind of a bummer looking back. 2) We are only 5 points out of fourth in the league, do you expect us to make it there? I sincerely hope so. We've been a better 2nd half time these past two seasons, so reason to be optimistic. 3) We are only one goal off from last in the league with goals for, how do we fix it? Wild. I did not know that. Maybe take less penalties. Idk 4) @studentized's breakout season is bolstering our offense, being on pace for around 60 points. Who else is having a breakout season either with us or around the league? In before you jinxed it. Just read about Benny graves of DC who is having a solid sophomore year 5) If you could move for one player in the league who would you want to see in the red, white and blue? Julian Borwinn mvp. Make it so. 6) If you weren't playing hockey, what would you be doing? Begging on the street for food.
  4. 240 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 241 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace 242 Riga Reign @ D.C. Dragons 243 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers
  5. I just had a feeling you were gonna react to my post on Jumbo Joe XD

  6. Could give CPU players low/0 EN, so they get fatigued even faster and play less.
  7. Yeah I totally see the maintenance vs reward payoff, which is why I'd vote to keep it simple (I.e every team gets the same tpe to apply to coach stats, but can spend it on different attributes. I'd also minimize the times they can update coach stats to maybe just once per season so that its not a burden to simmers.) As far as what they do: the higher the coach tpe, the higher the game boost to related player stats. The global league setting can also be used to limit how much of an effect they can have.
  8. 1. Better than that, but its still early. Too much talent in the room to suck this bad for much longer 2. Not sure. I'd be ok not playing Davos again for a while though. 3. Vancouver Calgary Seattle NY DC Toronto. Hopefully subject to change. 4. Dudes a stud. Motivates you to go get him a cup in his last year. 5. Study tape a lot. Try to recognize what other good teams do and mimic what works. 6. Borwinn is going nuts. I think Calgary overall is my biggest missed prediction. JB Rift having a big year
  9. Another suggestion I thought I'd pitch but since I don't like to do anything for free, I'm writing it up here for some TPE. I'm not sure about the history of coaches in the VHL and if they have existed in the past, but it seems like an interesting route to explore. Coaches have editable attributes like players do: These provide stat boosts to players for games. Coach effects can be completely turned off as a league setting (which I assume we have done since we have no pro coaches), but if enabled, everything I've found suggests they would have an effect on player ratings in sim engine 1.1. Again, like my last suggestion I have no idea how large an effect it would have but it would just give another dimension to play with. Some testing out prior to making any change should be done. How I could see it work: Coaches are managed by GMs. All GMs get the SAME fixed amount of TPE to spend on their coach, allocating it however they like. Maybe even use the same update scale. Coach stats can only be updated in off-season (just to try to prevent someone over using it to win a matchup every game). Maybe this part is dumb. Would be curious if anyone has played around with coaches before in STHS (VHL or otherwise). No idea if their effect is even worth the overhead they'd bring, but its something else that could add a bit of change to what we've been used to.
  10. So initially I was just going to submit this to Suggestions sub forum, but I need the TPE and I think I can make 150 words of this. If anymore ends up agreeing or has information to add, feel free to start a post there as well. Currently we default EN to 99 for all players. Part of the reasoning for this was that we didn't even know if EN rating was taken into account in the 1.1 sim engine (which we still use afaik). From my own personal findings, the EN rating DOES have an effect (even as early as 1.1) and its two fold. It affects how quickly a player becomes fatigued; which in turns affects how many minutes they end up playing in the game. It also affects the severity of the fatigue penalty that is applied. Obviously I haven't confirmed the effect this would have using our particular player ratings file/league file, so going forward with this probably warrants some independent testing on the VHL side (I don't expect anyone to immediately take my word for it). However, I do think it would add an interesting wrinkle to building players and I'm sure the bog could come up with a good way to grandfather existing players into a non-99 value. To those with STHS licences, let me know if you've seen similar things with tweaking the EN rating. Having someone else verify would probably push something like this through sooner (or put it at rest forever if for some reason the effect it has looks negligible).