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  1. 1. Did you tune into the VHL Draft on Saturday? If so, what was the biggest highlight to you? I did not tune in, but good too see us getting fresh faces in. 2. We were able to draft 3 rookies on Saturday. What advice would you give them as a player who has been around the league for at least a season? Just keep on earning and have a fun year in the M. Probably will see them next season if I'm still with NY. 3. What are your thoughts on the quality of @Esso2264's streams? May have tuned in once I think for a draft a couple seasons back. Not really sure what else he streams. 4. Training Camp officially opens up today. What are you looking forward to working on the most while on ice for the first time this season? Just keeping in shape. Taking care of the body so I can stick around a few more seasons. 5. If you haven't already, sign up for the VHFL here! Which player would you definitely try to draft for your fantasy team? Always draft HHH if you can. Foreskin, ARG, and Flowers from NY 6. Victor posted a poll asking which team would miss the playoffs in each conference. Who do you think they'll be and why? I picked DC and Helsinki. DC overperformed last year imo so hoping for a regression.
  2. D - Vladimir Pavlov F - Phil Marleau @der meister
  3. D - Cinnamon Block F - Henrik Zoiderberg @der meister
  4. F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley @der meister
  5. 1. Who on the team would you want to host a summer barbecue and why? Flowers has the weight so probably knows how to eat like a king. 2. Who on the team would you keep as far away from the grill as possible? Hugh Jass has a tendency for knocking things over. 3. What would you toss on the grill as your own contribution? Corn on the cob, asparagus, peppers. Grilled veggies for days. 4. At this summer barbecue, what's your go-to drink? Been crushing margaritas lately so why stop now. 5. What's one food item you absolutely hate seeing on the grill and why? Put whatever you want, just keep it away from my veggies lol. 6. If you had a hot dog eating contest at this barbecue, who would win? Its always the small guys that win those, so Ryo maybe.
  6. Only need sths client which is free