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Owen Nolan Rookie Profile [2/2]

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Name: Owen Nolan

Position: RW

Age: 21

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 211 LBS

Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland

Shoots: Right




Nolan is a relatively raw player out of Belfast, Ireland. He played junior hockey there until the age of 15, quickly rising above his peers to become one of the top prospects of the nation. His elite goal scoring ability and power forward build eventually drew the eyes of some savvy Canadian junior teams. Nolan moved to Canada at age 16 with the hopes of playing against some tougher competition and proving he was more than just a big fish in a little pond. After one and a half adjustment period seasons, Nolan eventually established himself as a bonafide top 6 presence. He continues to flash that offensive, hard hitting style of game that got him recognition in Ireland. Nolan declared himself to the VHLM draft on his 21st birthday, where he would be drafted in the 6th round by the Halifax 21sts.


Skills breakdown:



Nolan's best attribute is his shot. Good velocity matches his great accuracy and quik release. His biggest potential for scoring more goals will be from in front of the net. Space on the ice will be a little harder to create in the VHLM, so Nolan needs to adapt and use his size to create opportunities in close; he has the size and skill to do it. Most of Nolan's goals in junior came from shots between the dots. This may still be his preferred avenue to score but the opportunities will inevitably become rarer against better defences and goalies.



Nolan is an above average skater. While undoubtedly having a slower top speed than others his age group, Nolan makes up for it in his edge work and creativeness around the boards. Nolan is not quite the perfect two way player, but his hustle up and down the ice to join the rush or backcheck can always be counted on. With a little more speed Nolan would project nicely as a top 6 VHL player.



Physical play

Nolan likes to hit everything on the ice, sometimes at the expense of making the smart play. He wears down opponents and makes them pay whenever he can. Every now and then he will have a game where he operates purely as an energy player and tend not to create much offensively. It's an effective style of game to play when he's surrounded by other offensively gifted teammates. Nolan's real challenge will be finding the balance; too much physical play and he will likely project as a bottom 6 forward, too little and he will get outshone by some of the faster, higher skilled prospects.



It doesn't take long to notice that Nolan looks much more comfortable finishing a play rather than setting one up for his teammates. When defences key in on him he has the tendency to overlook the open teammate and try to force himself through it. He has the skill to make this work most of the time, but it can be the case where a couple more passes in the offensive zone would create a better scoring chance and diversify the offence on his line. Becoming a more creative playmaker would open up a whole other dimension to Nolan's game and its something to out look for as he starts in the VHLM



Nolan is almost able to get away with being called a 2 way forward, but is not quite there. The effort and hustle in the defensive end is there, but he occasionally puts himself in unorthodox positions that don't work. He needs to refine his instincts and comfort playing behind his own blue line, something that he should be able to accomplish with strong coaching.


Puck handling

Puck handling is another element of Nolan's game that is a little inconsistent. When up against a player with a size mismatch in his favour, Nolan handles the puck exceptionally well, especially near the boards. This all breaks down when he is carrying the puck through the offensive zone against bigger defenders. Nolan needs to work at protecting the puck in open ice as best as he can to reduce his number of giveaways.



Nolan has the perfect blend of size and skill you want in a prospect. Being a more raw and underdeveloped player comes with a lot of unknowns about how certain skills will develop. If Nolan can hit on even a few of them, he will be a successful player in the league.

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Review: Nice summary of his main stats and a good picture, could maybe center it for a sleeker look but that's personal preference. Good run down of the players strengths and weaknesses and descriptions of his play style. Gives a nice image of the kind of player Nolan is and will be. Good use of sub-headings as well to break up the article into bite-size sections.

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Review 2:


Good formatting, good use of pictures, summary and conclusion are both in place. Word count looks fine.


On 7/5/2019 at 4:54 AM, studentized said:

Nolan is an above average skater.

Well worded here. You haven't tried to say he's great, that he's the fastest guy out there, but you've clearly conveyed that this stands out among his peers.


I'd reccomend breaking the pros and cons down into separate sections. Make it read likee an actual scouting report.  You've got them lined up 3 and 3 already, just pop in a couple more headers and you'll be good to go.


Good profile, welcome to the league.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Owen Nolan Rookie Profile [2/2]

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