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Recruitment Crew Coming Back

I have officially taken over the recruitment crew after years of bitching about it to everyone who would listen. I have been waiting for someone to take it over and run with it, but it is a difficult task. Some say it is impossible to increase recruitment beyond what we are already doing. To be fair too, we are already doing a lot more than we used to do, but we can and will do more now. So let me detail what I plan for the new crew.

Recruitment Drive Every Season During Week of Trade Deadline

I like this idea initially posted by Devise that we hold an anuall recruitment drive. I have added some intrigue to the drive, in that all recruitment points will be doubled for recruitments made during the drive. Additionally, we will also be giving out a real life monetary based prize every season. My idea currently is the NHL video game or a gift card or tee shirt awarded at random to one member. Each member who recruits someone else during this time will be entered into the draw.

New Member Survey

The new member survey will be a tool we use to gain some important knowledge about the introduction to the VHL for our new members. I think we currently do a pretty piss poor job of retaining members, but I don't know why. I guess it is because this darn place is too overwhelming when you first join. So after a week each new member will be sent this survey and if they will it out, they will be entitled to 5 uncapped TPE as an award for the feedback.

Draft Rankings

A few members had the idea to start doing entry draft rankings weekly again like Kendrick used to do. I really thought this was valuable addition for new members as they got some much needed spotlight for their players. Mike will be tasked with doing this exciting new series each week, complete with an official draft board ranking. I think this will be a welcome addition to the league.

Other Ideas

I am going to be running a fairly large crew because I still believe recruiting is a task of all of us here. I plan on hiring two explorers who will work off member ideas in the brainstorming thread to explore new recruiting tools for the league. This job will provide a lot of variety and excitement, so look out for that posting soon. I have also started giving TPE away to each member who uses our sig on another forum. Look in the recruitment section under creat a player for more details.

Continued Brainstorming

The first goal of this crew will be recruiting new members. The second will be retaining those members. The third will be continued innovation and brainstorming. A lot of our members have great ideas for the league. A lot of new members also have great ideas. Listening to people about what we can improve and make easier will be key. We brainstorm regularly on the crew and you are welcome to do so too.

At this point, I would like to note that I typed this media spot out on my phone entirely and my phone is a big piece of turd. I would like to hear some of your ideas, comments, hate and questions about the recruitment crew and what this is all about. This is something I have been pushing for for a long time and now I have decided to take it on to try to get a spark lit for our great league because the true lifeblood of this place are the new members who come in and blast us all away. Every idea will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

635 words. So how long did it take to type it out on a phone? The article was great in that it was something that needed to be put out there. It's also good to see you take the project on, and if there's anything I can do aside from spreading the word or wearing the link in my signature, let me know. Recruitment aside, I think it would be cool to create a t-shirt clothing line featuring team logos or something like that. Again, that's completely beside the point here.

Grammar: 2/2

Pretty fucking good for typing it out on a phone.


anuall = anual

entry draft = Entry Draft

creat = create

for for = for

Appearance: 1/1

Hey, you used color. Compared to most of your work, the presentation was really good in this.

Overall: 6/6

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