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Kaspars Claude - The Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Age: 22

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 215lbs in season form. Offseason: more like 230lbs with all that pasta he eats

Birthplace: Cosenza, Calabria, Italy

Position: Listed as a LW, but plays all Forward positions

Shoots: Right


Born in a city and country that really does not have a lot of hockey in its blood, Kaspars had to learn hockey the unorthodox way. He was determined, working out in his farm land and wherever he could, he had his eyes set on the prize of being a successful hockey player. With an education and sports career able to be acquired by playing hockey overseas, he decided to go and play hockey in the NCAA with the Boston University, where he met Jack Eichel and had a friend to push him along and develop as a hockey player.

Played mostly as a forward, Kaspars has developed a well rounded skill set of goal-scoring abilities and also some two way capabilities. With an open mind, Kaspars knew that he was willing to do whatever it took to become a professional, so he has played every forward position of Left Winger, Right Winger and Center.



  • Scoring: A natural goal scorer, he tends to have a shoot-first mentality rather than a pass-first. Developed in college, Jack Eichel was the one that would set up Kaspars a lot more so he had to make sure that he was able to put the puck in the back of the net. It’s the main aspect of Kaspars Claude’s game that stands out.
  • Two-Way: All 3 zones are places that Kaspars Claude is effective in. He knows where to position himself in the offensive zone to score a goal; he knows how to be effective in the transition throughout the neutral zone. And most importantly, he can protect his own net at the point or even on the Penalty Kill. He is not a liability when he is on the ice.
  • Size: Everyone says that you cannot teach size, and Kaspars Claude has that. Listed at 6’2” and with a weight of 215lbs, you can feel his presence on the ice. He plays more of a Power Forward role rather than a sniper, and he is not afraid to throw the body. The corners are a place you can typically see Kaspars battling and also coming out of with the puck.



  • Speed: Well, this kind of goes hand in hand with Size. Being such a big body, he does look a little lanky on the ice and is missing the ability to bolster from one zone to the other. He is not quik on his feet but he is powerful on them. More of a Locomotive on the ice, he needs some time and space to pick up speed. Once that coal starts burning, move out of the way because it will take some time for Kaspars to stop. Unless he uses your body.
  • Passing: He has the ability to pass, but he is a very selfish player on the ice. More of a “catch-and-shoot” style player, like they would say in basketball, Kaspars makes sure he is effective when he has the puck on his stick. He will release it towards the net and won’t look up to see his other options he has on the ice. If he could realize the amount of talent and added productivity he could have by sharing the puck, Kaspars would be a lot better off.
  • Temper: That Calabrese blood is in him alright. He has a very short temper and sometimes the wires tend to touch. He sees black and that’s when it gets bad for him and for his team. You will find him in the box, and he will be most likely smashing his stick against the glass. He has to leave his ego at home and realize that hockey is a stressful sport. Sometimes it does not go his way, and Kaspars does not seem to handle that right now.
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