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A Red Guy: Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Name: A Red Guy

Position: G

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Planet: Sal Minella

Earth Country: Australia


A Red Guy's journey to VHLM prospect has been anything but conventional. The first ambassador to Earth from the alien planet Sal Minella, Guy came to the planet to accept an Oscar for Best Actor when he stumbled upon hockey. From there, he brought the sport to his home planet. In a league that began with A Red Guy being the only participant able to even skate, he spent four seasons against atrocious competition as an MVP goalie and one of the league's most prolific goalscorers despite not leaving the crease. He initially desired to play in the NHL, but failing that, Guy has settled on the VHL as the next step in his hockey journey.


Rebound Control - A Red Guy's soft, pudgy body allows him to absorb some degree of puck impact on an opponent's shot, resulting in many of the shots he can't initially corral staying fairly close to home. He also has a strong feel for when to fire out and be aggressive in covering the puck in these situations.

Hand Speed - The biggest surprise of A Red Guy's decent start to his VHLM career has been has ability to flash the glove. Coming from such a low level of entry-level hockey most figured this would be the skill that makes or breaks his status as a VHL prospect, but he's shown solid reflexes so far, although it's still a work in progress for sure.

Aggression - A Red Guy has shown the ability to use aggression to throw off opposing skaters and set up his team. He throws deep passes when the opportunity presents itself, resulting in a couple assists for him already. Guy also hasn't been afraid to pressure skaters in breakaway situations. He can get his team in trouble at times, but has done a solid job to this point of limiting those instances.


Style Control - Coming from the hockey-starved country of Sal Minella, A Red Guy's style can best be described as sliding blob. He's been working furiously to develop a conventional style, but progress is moving along slowly. This issue is where he falls behind the other S68 goalie prospects, and he is regarded as a raw prospect as a result.

Skating - Compared to the other Sal Minellans, A Red Guy is an elite skater. At the VHLM level, however, his skill leaves much to be desired. He stumbles at times and can be slow to cover areas because of his inexperience in this facet.

Trust - Coming from a league in which he won four MVPs in four seasons and finished top ten in points twice despite being a goalie, A Red Guy is used to having to do a lot for his team. This shows at times with Yukon, where he'll cover for a face-off rather than pass to a teammate, or go for the cover-up rather than trusting his defense and assuming a better position, resulting in some cheap goals scored on him. Guy will need to show more mental fortitude and faith in his teammates to truly become a franchise goaltender.

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