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Ottawa Lynx Weekly review 3


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This Week in Lynx Hockey


    This week I am going to go a different route.  It has been a really busy week for Ottawa and myself.  The team is rolling.  Ottawa is one point behind Philadelphia for first overall in the VHLM.  Thorny Underyew is coming off a huge 6 point outing against Mexico City.  The Lynx even has other general managers crying for mercy.  We are sorry, it’s not our intent to crush your soul, the team is just clicking.  There are lots of games to recap and I could spend all day telling you what happened, but those scores and stats are available for everyone.  This media spot will dive a little deeper into the team instead of just the stats, to show you how the Lynx got to where they are.  It will give you a little insight of what I think as Samuel Ross, the player and Samuel Ross the reporter.

   Lynx hockey is about succeeding on the ice and off of it.  Everyone practices hard, gets their tpe and plays well.  There is no secret to our success.  Or is there?  The Ottawa locker room is drama free, which is amazing considering how many characters there are.  GM AcydBurn sets the morale.  He is great at dealing with young players, knows who to draft and is always available to answer questions.  He is always quik to praise the team in wins and uses losses as learning experiences.  A lot of the development of his players is based on his expertise.  Such is the case with Micheal Rassmussen.  Rassmussen went from being a defensive specialist as a forward to being a 6’8” offensive terror in a matter of a few games.  He credits Acyd with helping him with training and to focus on certain strategies and attributes.  Acyd also let’s his players have a say in decisions.  Everyone was kind of shocked when rookie Thorny Underyew became team captain.  Now, the team is playing great and Underyew looks like a first round pick. Speaking of Rassmussen, he is by far the most improved player of the week.  Vaulting into the top 6 of the team in points.  I know it doesn’t sound much, but Ottawa has some of the top scorers in the league.  There are no plans to change that either.  We apologize, that’s just the way it is.  Rassmussen has shown a great amount of touches on his passes this week and has worked hard to use his huge frame to shield the puck and find open players.




The forward corps for Ottawa is playing some unstoppable hockey.  I’ve already mentioned Undeyew’s six point game.  Zeno also recently had a 5 assist game.  His goal scoring has dipped recently, which isn’t a problem because his assists have skyrocketed.  He leads the league in points with 67, 8 more than Brandon LeBlanc of Philadelphia.  Anthony Hawk has improved his two way game, even though I thought it was impossible.  He still leads the VHLM in hits by a wide margin, he is also top 5 in points and plus/minus.  Thorny also positioned himself in the top 10 in points and plus/minus.
    Next week I will cover the defense and goaltending.  As you can see, the team’s success is not dependent on a few players.  As a reporter it is a joy covering the team.  As a player, despite not playing very much, I still feel like I am being a part of the success.  I don’t think a rookie could end up on a better team.


Thanks to acoutsicKazoo for the Lynx logo!

This article is 591 words and I'm claiming 6 tpe for the week of 8-4.

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