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Eagles buys a house


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Now knowing where he is playing for the foreseeable future, Greg Eagles, decided to splash the cash and buy a house in Vancouver. His new house is 22,000 sq feet sitting on 1.2 acres of property with some spectacular views.







Eagles bought the house for an undisclosed fee but it is said to be worth millions. Eagles will take possession of the property in the next few months.


" I know I will probably be in Vancouver for quite some time and I was tired living out of hotels. I decided to splash the cash on a pretty decent house, now I just have to find stuff to fill it up with" Said Greg Eagles " I know it might be a little too big for just myself but I intend to have a family one day and I just couldn't pass up this opportunity"

It is rumored the new house has an indoor hockey rink and a gym where Eagles can practice in the off-season. His future neighbors might be worried as Eagles has a past of partying late into the night with his team-mates and friends. We will have to wait and see if this behavior has changed or if Eagles will make this private quiet street into a much louder neighborhood

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