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VHLM Insight Vol. II - Possibilities, Possibilities


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Welcome to another installment of VHLM Insight! The top three of the VHLM hasn't shifted much, as a matter of fact - it's the exact same top three: Philadelphia, Ottawa, and Minnesota. However, don't let the unchanged landscape within those teams fool you, though Ottawa still holds the second place spot, they have closed to gap and are only one point behind first place Philadelphia. So let us dive into the top three, yet again, but this time - let's look at the possibilities of seeing a shift in placement, and specifically some scenarios that could play out that could see a new team emerge at the third place spot.



Looking at the information from the graphic above and continuing on from our introduction, Ottawa has closed the gap from four points to just one from last weeks installment, while Minnesota went from being back by only two points behind Ottawa, to three points back.

I really don't foresee Philadelphia and Ottawa falling out of the top three in standings, though, it is very likely the two swap spots back and forth as the next few games play out. The audible here is Minnesota, who is currently riding a four game win-streak, as they currently sit three points behind second, but are only five points ahead of Houston; who is also riding a four game win-streak. 

Though it is unlikely Minnesota falls out of third and into fourth, the scenario is still there if they were to lose the next few games in regulation while Houston picks up wins in any fashion. Again, unlikely as it may seem, Houston has the momentum right now that could carry them into the third place spot in the standings; although it could be said of the same for Minnesota, who has all the momentum to keep themselves in that spot. 




Minnesota will travel to Philadelphia for their next game, with both teams coming off a win. The last time these two teams squared off, Philadelphia won by a score of 3-2. As close of a game as that may have been, the win came in regulation, giving Philly the two points, and Minnesota nothing but a loss. The Reapers are hot, there's no denying that, and you can absolutely bet that they will lay everything out on the ice to keep their stranglehold on first place intact, despite Minnesota's winning streak. 


Houston, on the other hand, will travel to Mississauga to take on the Hounds. When the teams met each other the last time in Houston, the Bulls came out on top by a score of 5-2. Even though the Hounds aren't riding that last place spot, they are still within the bottom three that is only separated by two points (20 points for Mississauga, 19 for Las Vegas, and 18 for Mexico City). And remember, Houston is riding that win-streak heading into the game, so if Minnesota loses to Philly in regulation, and Houston wins in any fashion, that lead dwindles, and the scenario of Houston possibly claiming that third spot is entirely possible.



Following a game with the Hounds, Houston will play host to none other than Philly. Houston lost to the Reapers 3-2 last time they met, and in regulation. However, as close as the game was, if Houston wins against the Hounds, extending their streak to five, it is still entirely possible heading into the home game with Philly that they come out on top. 


Well, that does it for this installment of VHLM Insight. Thanks for reading, and if you have a suggestion for a topic for a future installment, feel free to drop me a message and I will see what I can do.  


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