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A Loss In Ottawa Turned into a Win for the Marlins

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San Diego wasn’t going to let a tough loss to Ottawa ruin their flight home last Friday. The weather though, that could put a dent in anyone’s spirits.


Flying home to San Diego that night the Marlins were due to be laid over in Dulles airport, which suffered one of the worst thunder storms of the season, causing the takeoff time in Ottawa to be delayed multiple hours.


There’s nothing more stressful than a delayed flight, but the Marlins were unfazed. Bruce Grimaldi ran to the closest Lynx team store in Ottawa International and bought the entire stock of souvenir knee hockey sticks they had, thus began an epic two hour 3 on 3 knee hockey tournament right in the middle of terminal B. Angry and distraught travelers instantly forgot about inevitable missed connections and lost luggage and became entranced with the display of awkward attempts at one timers and slap shots.


Alyksander Hunter won goal of the night with an impressive bounce off the back of a chair mid-air baseball style swing shot that landed in the “goal” (upended trash can) on the other end of Gate B17. Granted, goalie Gert Frobe was busy signing an autograph at the time, but the goal was impressive nonetheless. 


Chad Gilbert ended the night with no goals, but was quite happy with his 87% face-off win percentage. It should be noted that no one was actually keeping track of face-off wins except for him


When the announcement came that flights would be boarding within the hour, there was actually an audible moan of disappointment from a majority of travelers. A sign of just how unifying the sport of Hockey, even at knee level can be.


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