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Michael Johnson Journal #14 Offseason


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Man, this offseason feels long. The days have been longer, i've been sweating on my couch. I'm literally sitting here itching my arms like a crack addict, waiting on the season to come back. Is this what it feels like to not be in the playoffs? On god, I'm tired as hell of doing nothing every single day. Most days we go to @K1NG LINUS's house, play xbox and barbeque which is cool and all, don't get me wrong. I'm just missing a purpose in my life I guess, maybe I should make some priorities before the offseason finishes so I don't come into camp as a fat dude.


Today, the All-Star game voting came out. I was listed as one of the candidates to enter into the big game, granted I don't believe I'll be going. There's just better goalies out there, simple as fact. I don't feel terrible at all by saying that, there's nothing wrong with that thought process at all. In fact, today I was talking to my teammates and we had a discussion on who could win the Most Improved Player next season and I've decided to throw my name in the hat. I'm going to be doing everything physically possible to get my name etched into that award. I've been making big talk about how I'm going to make waves but I feel this time it is different. I am going to make waves next season and I think I can be a top 5 goalie statistically. I've been talking to the coach and he believes in me as well.


Now granted, I think @VanCanWin is also a very strong candidate and I'll be advocating for him just as much as myself for the award. He deserves it more than me I'd like to think. His play has been improving at an astronomical rate this season and I just can't see it stopping anytime soon. He's been improving on his skating and shooting. He'll be absolutely sniping them in soon! I'm excited to see what he can produce. He absolutely deserves the recognition and I think he'll climb up the depth chart really quickly next season, so keep an eye out on him.


Since I was talking about next season with my teammates, I did want to talk about this season here in my journal. I believe @GustavMattias deserves Most Improved Player for this season. He's an incredible defensive defenseman and while he doesn't put the puck in the net, he does all the dirty work in the defensive zone. If anyone sees this, please vote for him. He definitely inflated the hell out of my stats. So thank you Jerry, he deserves some love from the league with what he's been producing this past season.


I'm sure I could talk about everyone on my team, they're all incredible athletes. Next season, we can be a very strong team and hopefully we push into a playoff position.


Lets go Malmo Nighthawks!


Michael Johnson

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