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Check-In On the S65 Saskatoon Alumni (EU Conference)


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Last week, we took a look at how some of the Wild in the North American Conference were faring -- but that's really only half of the story. We have three (still active) players in the EU Conference - excluded from this set is goalie Juan Jaundice.


RW Brian Strong, Malmö Nighthawks - A multi-season Saskatoon player like Nethi, Brian Strong continues to be a mainstay among the several Wild players drafted to the Nighthawks. The Swedish team tends to run lines by committee, as they have so many young, talented players. They've experienced limited success so far, but Strong's not going anywhere anytime soon: with four seasons left on his contract, the Nighthawks have shown they're invested in this young forward's success.

D Apollo Hackett, Riga Reign - I think it's a little tacky to evaluate myself, so I won't.


D Rusty Shackleford, Malmö Nighthawks - The second player on this list to go to the Nighthawks, Shackleford has shown up in a big way. The checking-heavy defenseman put up forty-six points as one of Malmö's featured defenders -- and not only that, he's also blocked 144 shots and laid out 191 hits; statistically (and in terms of TPE), he's been one of the many excellent picks Nighthawks GM Chris Miller has made thus far. He's coming into a contract year come S68, and Miller already knows the value of this staunch defender.

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