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Okada, playoff MVP?


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Hiroshi Okada is a Founders' Cup champion and yet, people only talk about the likes of Thorny Underyew, Anthony Amberback, Michael Rasmussen, Zeno Miniti and Anthony Hawk. Who cares if they had over a point per game during the playoffs? Isn't participating just as important? Can we just take a moment to marvel at Okada's stats during the playoffs?


1 assist: Great playmakers are often overlooked. Players like Okada with more assists than goals should be applauded.
+9: So much better than Hunter Wagner. That dude may have 15 points but can he even play defensively? I don't think so.
6 penalty minutes: Such discipline, much control, wow.
1 shot blocked: Players willing to sacrifice their body for the sake of their team are rare in professional hockey. Hiroshi Okada can really do it all.
0.09 points/20 minutes: That's perhaps the statistic that's the most impressive of them all. How do you manage to get over 14 minutes on the ice per game and only have one point in 15 games? I don't know. You need to be a hockey guru such as Hiroshi Okada to have the answer to that question.

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