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Velcro-No! Scott Greene's New Gear Makes for Sticky Situation!


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Seattle, Washington


Scott Greene of the Seattle Bears Makes Custom Hockey Gear Entirely Out of Velcro


The world was shocked today when Scott Greene from the Seattle Bears stated that they would like to announce that he had made his gear for the upcoming season entirely out of Velcro. When asked for comment, Scott Greene had this to say: "I think it’s going to be a positive thing. At first I thought it was a ripoff, to be honest. But it’s really helped me stick to the puck better, and when I throw a hit, it takes another player to unstick the two of us. I think this kind of gear will stick around for a while, pun very much intended.”


This kind of statement is the type that will continue to draw attention to Scott Greene. They’re already quite the high-profile player on the Seattle Bears, and there are those that would say no publicity is bad publicity. @HenrikZoiderberg and @berocka seem to like the new gear.


However, these comments have received their fair share of backlash from even the higher-ups in the Victory Hockey League community. One of the highest profile dissenters of the Board of Governors, Banacock, had this to say about the comments: “It’s a sticky situation. We might make him change the outfit.”


We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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