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    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    upvoted for Nashville and the rpg subreddits
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    S64 Endorsement Claim Thread

    500k to Teagan Glover
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    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    done hut and buffalo
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    VHL Donation Index

    $20 S64 Transaction ID = 5176-9829-1255-9818 Free Week (Used week ending 2/24) Doubles Week Doubles Week 1M @Josh. Teagan Glover
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    Finals, GM 6: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    Congratulations Aces! Thank you @McWolffor a great 1st season, I'm looking forward to the next season!
  6. Bucky___lastard

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The finals are on, Vegas vs Halifax. Who's your pick and why? Halifax in 7, Love a good comeback story! 2) The VHL and VHLM draft are coming up this offseason. If you're getting drafted to the VHL this year, where do you hope you go? If you've already been drafted, what are you most looking forward to in the VHL? No specific team, I would just be happy to play somewhere and do my part on a roster. 3) With the offseason upon us, what's your player's favorite postseason activity? His favorite postseason activity is Traveling. Seeing as much of the world as he can. 4) Looking back at this last season, what's one thing you're going to miss about the VHLM once you've moved up? The competition between Halifax and Vegas has been fierce, I would only hope to have something similar if I move up. 5) Coaches always push for their players to "leave it all out on the ice." Do you feel like your player followed that mantra this season, or is there more to them that we have yet to see? There's definitely more to be seen, Teagan had some struggles but is going to come out of his shell and shock the world. 6) Excluding the drafts and offseason tournament, what would you like to see the VHL host in the offseason in order to make it a little more fun? Maybe some type of "Skills Competition" if there were a way to do that.
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    First-Generation Bonus

  8. Bucky___lastard

    Semi-Finals 2, GM 2: Ottawa Lynx vs. Halifax 21st

    He's a goon!
  9. Bucky___lastard

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) Finally, playoff time is here! Make your claim right here, who's going to take it all? Halifax is going to take it all! 2) If you made it to the playoffs, what are you going to need to do in order to take home the cup? If you missed the playoffs, what are you going to do to come back stronger for next time? We (Halifax) made the playoffs and it's going to take a team effort to overcome the obstacles in our way. 3) If you could, would you stay another year in the VHLM? Why or why not? Absolutely, I think I need another season to fine tune some of my skills. 4) The playoffs are where stars are born. Which player do you think will rise up to the task and pave the way for their team? Look for John Madden to really showcase his talents and carry Halifax through the finals. 5) Are you or your team following any playoff superstitions this season? Not me specifically, but I'm sure some of the guys will certainly have some. 6) The Achievement Tracker notice went live not too long ago, and claims will be open until the playoffs end. Are you happy with how much TPE your player will be awarded? Of course, any added boost to my player is a win.
  10. Bucky___lastard

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Teagan Glover VHL/VHLM Team: Halifax 21st Cash you have: $1,500,000 Purchase Name: First Generation Cost of Purchase: $500,000 Cash Left: $1,000,000
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    S64 Achievement Tracker

    Teagan Glover Forward Assists Points