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VHL Cricket Simulation


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VHL Cricket Simulation


I am here to bring you an updated look at the VHL Cricket Sim going on. Technically as all members are from the VHL and the name has VHL in the title this is league related.

So, of the 10 members participating, JeffD, DoktorFunk, Nyko, Hogan, Rayzor, Elmebeck, diamond_ace, GustavMattias, Banana2311 and Myself. There was a vote for team names and captains, with the captains winning by a landslide. The captains were announced as diamond_ace looking after Cunning Stunts and GustavMattias looking after Hit & Run. Next along was the draft where Gustav won the coin flip and chose first below you will find the draft order.

1.       Berocka

2.       Banana2311

3.       Rayzor

4.       JeffD

5.       Nykonax

6.       DoktorFunk

7.       Elmebeck

8.       HulkHogan

The draft proved interesting with the two Australians being picked first, and HulkHogan being disappointed with being the last one on the board.


Now with the teams set and the players created the first game is going to be played at the “Home of Cricket” Lords in England. It will be interesting to see what happens when the players first take the pitch.


Will the captains be proven right in their draft, who will be the standout players, will it rain, and the game be cancelled? Find out the answers to these questions and much more when the 1st test between Cunning Stunts and Hit & Run takes place. Also keep an eye out as some games may be streamed.

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1 hour ago, GustavMattias said:

Hit & Run is led by Big Chungus and Robert Fripp.


The other guys don't stand a chance.

Cunning Stunts has two *real* professional athletes!

one is a "wrestler" and the other is a league two right back, so rely on them for cricket at your own risk

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