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Prague Roster Reveal


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A day after the VHL expansion draft, The brand new Prague Phantoms have some faces to the roster. The Phantoms, Whose Name was revealed yesterday, Is hoping for success early in the teams young career. They decided to go the younger route, And instead of taking older players with Higher TPE The Phantoms took younger players with more Potential. With their First pick in the draft the phantoms selected Young winger from Yukon. Erik Draven.


With the 1st Overall Pick in the Season 68 VHL Expansion Draft, the Prague Phantoms Select:


 (S67) RW - Erik Draven (from VAN) 


One Common theme With Prague roster is they are Season 67 Draft picks.  Draven Currently has 283 TPE and has potential to fill a top 6 winger position on Prague and potentially inflate some numbers. Draven Recently Had a 59 Point season with the Yukon Rush, 30 Helpers and 29 Goals, If  the rush played a more offensive style game im sure those numbers would be higher. He was very smart defensively as well, and emerged as a leader for the team. The Phantoms Continued their Picks of young Players with S67 Draftee from Malmo, Dalton Wilcox.


With the 3rd Pick in the Season 68 VHL Expansion Draft, the Prague Phantoms Select:


 (S67) RW - Dalton Wilcox (from MAL) 


Early in the playoffs, there was alleged beef between Malmo Prospects Hugh Chan And Wilcox. The teams faced eachother in the playoffs. Part of their altercation was Chan stating he would be protected before Wilcox, and that seems to have happened. With Wilcox the Phantoms get a Pure Goal Scoring Winger with some bite. Something that will make them a better team. With their next pick they added some more grit with Wilcox’s former teammate.

With the 7th Selection, the Prague Phantoms Select:


 (S67) C - Scotty Big Shotty (from MOS) 


The big Center likely pencils in as their number one right now unless moves are made. The former 22nd overall pic had 83 points and a was a defensive stalwart on the team. He will be one of the potential rookie that could fight for a leadership role on the team. With the 9th pick Prague picked another Marlins alumni and a fellow Reaper alumni for bigshotty…


With the 9th Pick, the Prague Phantoms Select:


 (S67) C - Alex Pearson (from HEL) 



Pearson had a fantastic season in the VHLM. But followed it up with a poor playoff performance, potentially due to a recurring wrist injury. Its cause him to miss much off season training so far but if he can get back on track before the season starts, he could very well be a solid top 6 option. He almost hit 50 goals, and faced sheltered minutes behind BigShotty. Their last pick Prague went with a defenceman.


With the 11th Pick, we have our first inactive+draft pick compensation, as the Prague Phantoms Select:


 (S64) D - Bolt Vanderhuge (from TOR) 

+ S70  3rd



Toronto had to throw in a pick for Them to take veteran Defenceman Vanderhuge. Who caps out around a bottom 6 defenceman. He will likely face limited minutes and they are primarily interested in the 3rd round pick.


After the Draft they send a pick to the new York Americans for Goalie Koljur Bjorensson, who doesn’t look quite ready for starting it could maybe push for it unless they get a solid goalie.


The Prague Phantoms Roster currently looks like this:

Erik Draven

Dalton Wilcox

Alex Pearson

Scotty Bigshotty

Koljur Bjorensson

Bolt Vanderhuge



It is likely they will still be very active before the start of next season to make up some salary cap and improve their roster, So stay tuned for updates!

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We have another d that will be joining us (currently in inactive fa, no team has his rights, but did a practice facility so hes now technically active) Mountain Thunderfist. Also the 12, 17, 20, 26, and 38 picks.

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